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With the ForeFlight link why do you have to use 2 devices otherwise it won’t work. This would mean I would have to get another iPad which would cost me almost $1000. Why is this, could this be changed?

For what it’s worth, ForeFlight is typically a product only used by real world pilots. For the price that you have to pay, I would only buy it if I had to use it for real world flying too. But to answer your question, yes, you would need a second device.

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I fly in real life but I only need 1 device which is my iPad. I use it for IF too. dose the link have to work like this?

Yes, the link to IF requires two devices.

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Could that be changed?

I don’t see that happening, considering Infinite Flight’s never been able to run in a split screen.

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ForeFlight Link does work on the same device - we don’t officially support it though as @Thunderbolt said, since we don’t support multitasking/split-screen on iOS. No plans for this at this time either, sorry!


I use the multitasking feature that my iPad has with IF and ForeFlight. I don’t live in Reno but when I spawn into Reno with IF on it shows I’m there which means the ForeFlight link is on and working but won’t transfer the FLP.

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