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I have got two devices android and IOS, and want to use my android for foreflight and my IOS for flying, it’s that possible?

Where do I download Foreflight for android?

Foreflight is iOS only :(

Thanks for letting me know😊

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The latest version of ForeFlight has multitasking support and it works with IF. 🙂


Can I for example fly on an android device and run foreflight on IOS device?

Absolutely you can do that.


As long as they are running on the same WiFi, I believe they can

Yep fly on an android and foreflight on the ipad works that usually my go to setup!

I tried but it does not connect, it is on the same WiFi and all

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You need to force close both apps then open them at the same time. Also make sure you load a flight because thats what sends the gps data

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Check this:

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