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Does anyone know if there is a way to link to Foreflight using cellular? I know I can do it via WiFi but I’m not sure if it’s possible over cellular.


Read This:

You will need to be connected to ForeFlight Prior to takeoff

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I’m talking about connecting the game to it. I know how to use it over WiFi. I’m trying to see if it’s usable with my cellular network as I don’t currently have WiFi available.

I don’t think you can run the connection between the two on cellular. When running on WiFi, you’re using the same local source. Cellular could be tapped from multiple cell towers and not a single source.

It would be like your iPad being seen running on Network A and your other device on Network B.

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That won’t work for the reason DeerCrusher explained, I’m afraid.

Try by creating a WiFi hotspot using your smartphone. Then, connect the device you’re playing on as well as the device ForeFlight is installed on.

I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe it will work since it unites both devices within one local connection.

Thanks for the replies guys. Mods, feel free to close this.

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