Foreflight link still not working

This is a follow-up, I have enabled locations for foreflight on both devices, still no link on my phone when I play IF. What is going on?

Are you connected in the same WiFi?

Not sure, let me try it. Probably though.
Yes I am, still not working.

Have you enabled ForeFlight link? It’s in the General section in your settings menu, and it has to be enabled to link with your ForeFlight app.

Are you sure you did the right steps in the foreflight app? It’s not that automagical as the Infinite Flight Connect Apps, so just to rule out any mistakes I suggest you repeat everything from this tutorial.

To add on one more question, could you provide some more information?

Devices, Infinite Flight versions, iOS (or Android) versions, etc. for both devices.

RTM 20.01
iPhone 6s
iOS 13.6

Yes I have enabled that

I use ipad air 2, and iphone 6s on iOS 14.

I enabled my link, but my phone running foreflight doesn’t show a connection from my iPad.

I am flying with it linked currently, so likely not an issue with IF or ForeFlight. Do you use a wireless mesh system? Sometimes if my two devices are connected to different mesh devices it doesn’t work.

I am using apartment Wi-Fi

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