ForeFlight Link Not Connecting - Need Help

Infinite Flight Device;
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS: 17.4.1

ForeFlight Device;
Device: iPad Pro (11") (2nd Gen)
iPadOS: 17.4.1

Already tried:

  • Updated both IF and FF to most current version
  • Confirmed “Enable EFB Link” and “Enable API” are both selected
  • Follow the Infinite Flight instructions from Youtube
  • Restart both devices
  • Match IP Address

Can somebody help me troubleshoot this? It has worked before but not for the past week or so that I’ve tried.

Are you on the same network with both devices? Is one device acting as a hotspot possibly?

Same WiFi, no hotspot. Did try the hotspot though for a minute and didn’t work.

Which IP addresses are you using for the connection? Also, can you send me a link to the tutorial you used please?

Infinite Flight ForeFlight Link

As for the IP addresses, I am using automatic on the IPV4 address on both devices - not sure if answered your question, not the most educated on that kind of stuff. I did try to use manual once but did not work.

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I was just able to get mine working by connecting to a common network between the devices and then it automatically showed up inside of my foreflight under the devices tab. I didn’t have to manually input anything. Is it possible your network is blocking local connections or anything like that?

Maybe, didn’t think of that. I’ll look into, thank you.

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