FOREFLIGHT Link for ipad [ CLOSED]

Hello All

Can anyone tell me how to connect Fore flight link in ipad ?



Have you watched the video below?


But unable to connect with this video.

Is enable foreflight link on in the settings of Infinite Flight?

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Settings- General

Is foreflight on the same device you are using to fly? Because it needs to be on a different device than the one you are using for IF otherwise it won’t work

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I suppose you have foreflight connected at the same network than the device with infinite flight

I have just ticked the fore flight link in settings. I don’t knw if I have to install fore flight first and if yes then how ?

Well foreflight needs to be on a different device than the one being used for Infinite Flight. Foreflight is also only an iOS app and needs to have a $100/year subscription. Do you have all those things?


I was not aware of this. Im installing the same now

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