ForeFlight Lagging

Hi all, I use ForeFlight for my routes, weather ect, Over the last couple of days ForeFlight is struggling to connect to IF and when it does finally connect its very slow and laggy… You can be at 38,000ft in a Cruise and ForeFlight shows the aircraft slowly taxiing to the runway I’ve uninstalled both apps various times and fiddled with the wifi still have no luck. Is anyone else having these issues? Look forward to you’re support

Hello @J4KEY!

For this issue, I recommend contacting ForeFlight Support to get help. I’ve linked their support center below!

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I do not have an answer for you, but I curious about ForeFlight. It’s a $99 annual subscription. Do you feel it is worth it over free tools such as SimBrief? Thanks.

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Hello! Check this reply out by DeerCrusher, he explains if ForeFlight is worth it very well:


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