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Can anyone help me?? I’m trying to copy my flight plan from ForeFlight, but the coordinate waypoints aren’t being plugged in on Infinite’s Flight. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it just not possible??


Here’s what I do:
Take the flight plan out of ForeFlight and paste in into the “Route” section of a SimBreif flight plan. Once you generate the full flight plan on SimBreif, convert it to an IF compatible using Chris’ Flightplan converter ( Then you can add it to your flight plan in the game.

Its a bit of a lengthy process, but Its one that I use regularly and it works. Let me know how it turns out!


Once on SimBrief, do I have to put in all the information, or can I just plug in the route??

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Also when I plugged in my flight plan, a lot of error messages popped up when I hit the analyze button

Yes, I think you need to put at least some of the information (departure and destination airports, aircraft). I usually get error messages also, but it still works once its converted.

The error messages pop up because the waypoints aren’t in that cycle of AIRAC, but it usually doesn’t cause me trouble.

When I went on to, it only filed a generic route for that flight. Is there any way I could do it so that it files my route??

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