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Hello oaks,

Need some help regarding ForeFlight. So basically I connected the two and they are connected, double checked that. Now to my understanding, you can make an fpl on ForeFlight and it imports into IF(?).

If so please can someone guide me through that process. I do have a subscription.

Much appreciated

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Also once I get this working I’m going from Arlanda to Gatwick if anyone cares to join.

My understsnding is that they must be on separate devices linked via Bluetooth. I believe such that your IF device serves as the Bluetooth GPS source for ForeFlight, so-to-speak.

As far as importing, not sure how that works on separate devices, but you can always copy the flight plan to the clipboard then paste it in the search bar. Someone may have a better method. Remember to break SIDs, STARs, and airway routing into their constituent individual waypoints first, though.

@DeerCrusher may have better knowledge on the topic.

Managed to get them to connect, but just wondering how to export the FPL onto IF. They are on two different devices! Appreciate the help!

Was it just as simple as making the IF device the GPS source? I’ve never actually tried it. Is that the way it worked?

Basically under the IF setting you just need to enable ‘ForeFlight Link’, and then go to ForeFlight’s app and under More - Devices, and then it should show that they are connected, then I pressed on where it says that it is connected, and it gave me an option called ‘enable’, so I enabled it. Will upload photos later. Rather confused regarding this whole thing. 😂

I never catch the catch me flying here or there so we can produce a formation. Of precious flying or aviating

little confused as to what you are saying. Mind clarifying for me please?

Ignore high cruising speed. 😬

Help is still wanted but I just copied the flight plane in and made the FPL identical. What’s actually really cool is that it shows other players on the map.

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You cannot import the flight plan from ForeFlight to IF. You just need to copy it. You can send the Nav log to notes, and copy and paste the waypoints however.


First off, for anyone who doesn’t have ForeFlight it’s amazing and worth every penny. As @Brandon_Sandstrom said you can’t import it but what I do is I copy FPL into nites then airdrop that note to my IF device then enter it into IF. What you are getting mistaken with probaly is that in one of there new updates you can now share you FPL though out all your ForeFlight devices on ForeFlight but no to IF.


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Appreciate the help @Brandon_Sandstrom & @bobo2345! Got one more question, what if there is a missing waypoint? Where can you find the coordinates for the waypoint if possible.

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Anytime! Personally I love this website easy to use!

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You could copy and paste the FPL from ForeFlight to SimBrief, then follow the instructions on how to copy the FPL to this handy website Courtesy @Chris_S.

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Just go to the waypoint in ForeFlight and click on it. It will give you all relative information about it.


Brandon answered the issue a few posts above. To add on, right now it’s a one way street. Meaning Infinite Flight pushes location and traffic data to ForeFlight and displays it. Anything you do on ForeFlight will not have or show an effect on Infinite Flight. Though this would be something neat to have in the future.

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MaxSez: Fledglings and Buff’s take note; ForeFlt is a state of the art RW aviator tool box which requires 2 devices for IF application. It’s a costly subscription service. I’d think twice and research it’s IF utility before I’d invest. Check out Flight Aware and SimBrief during your cost benifit analysis, they ansewer the mail. There cost free on the most part. Just Sayin…
Regards All

(Take a look at Mr. Sandstroms excellant Nav Tutorials & Chris S 3d Party archived Topic “ Copying Flight Aware & SimBrief FPL’s “ in your decision process)

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Already payed and have checked out the others, and I’d say ForeFlight is the better one. :)

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