Foreflight Garmin pilot or Navigraph


pity that Navigraph isn’t supported on IF. Doesnt seem like this will change.

what is the community’s opinion on GP vs. Foreflight? which is better for IF? and price-wise as well?


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Both foreflight and garminpilot are expensive, especially if you do not need them for another reason outside of IF.

As for IF compatibility i believe both Foreflight and GarminPilot provide the same features (eg flight planning, seeing your plane fly along the map, weather, etc…) so one in particular doesnt immediately stand out to me as “better” for IF. However i havent used both softwares with IF extensively, so ill let others chime in/add on so you can get a full picture.

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I’ve already used foreflight for a month to try it out and the experience is incredible, but unfortunately I can’t keep the feature. The resources are too much for entertainment, but it is very expensive. It will depend a lot on your current financial reality.

So in my opinion, financially I can’t even maintain a basic Foreflight plan.

About the feature with Navigraph. A while ago I wrote in the community about Infinite flight with navigraph. I’ll leave the link for you to follow.


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thanks both.

does anyone here know if I can run either GP or Foreflight on a laptop with IF on android device?


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