ForeFlight Device Not showing IF option

I was wondering why I’m not getting if showing up in ForeFlight devices. Everything is enabled on ForeFlight in my IF settings and IOS is up to date on my iPad, so why is Infinite Flight not showing up in ForeFlight devices? I even spawn at a airport my iPad and on the same iPad I open up ForeFlight and there’s still no option of Infinite Flight on the devices, it shows nothing. Please help!

Hello, welcome to the community! Have you enabled the “Enable ForeFlight Link option”?

Yes I did enable it on my Infinite Flight App. It’s still isn’t showing up. What else would it be?

Make sure Freflight and IF are using the same wifi network. If IF is on cellular and FF on wifi it will not work.

You mean ForeFlight not Freeflight? I’m trying to play Infinite Flight on n my IPad and Inhave the ForeFlight app on my IPad to play with Infinite Flight. I also have the ForeFlight App on my phone. I’m using the same apple account on my iPad and phone and they are bothe using the same wifi I have at home. On my Infinite flight settings on my iPad I have ForeFlight enabled so it can be users with Infinite Flight? When I go to setting and devices when I’m on ForeFlight I don’t understand why Infinite flight is not showing up to select. Why am I not getting Infinite Flight to show up in my devises on ForeFlight?

Sorry, yes ForeFlight. Darn autocorrect.

You have to use them on separate devices. You cannot use them both on the same device. They need to be able to communicate and switching to them will make one inactive and cause the issue you are seeing.

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