Foreflight connection issues after Hotfix

I am trying to connect my devices hooked up to foreflight like always before a flight… but today it is not connecting at all. I’m pretty sure this is a bug with the latest hotfix with infinite flight.

-Ive restarted both devices.
-Made sure they’re both on the same WiFi.
-Foreflight link is on.
-started both applications at the same time.

I’ve always used foreflight for infinite flight before but I’ve updated it to the newest hotfix and it hasn’t been connecting ever since.

Following up @TylerShah post.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Would like to get this fixed ASAP. Thanks!

Hey Riley,

I recommend checking out Cameron’s reply in the topic linked below:

Cameron’s Reply:

There is no need for two topics for the same issue, so I recommend continuing in the topic linked above.

Sorry once again that you are experiencing this issue. Hopefully it can be solved soon.

Take care mate!