ForeFlight connection issue

Anyone else jhave trouble keeping Foreflight connected to IF. Had to delete and re load IF last night to get it to connect and now won’t connect again. Suggestions?


Foreflight or LiveFlight?

Commonly mixed up.

Please put this into a PM. No need for the whole community latest page to be bumped because of a wrong category.

Dude I don’t even know what that means.

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Hit the pencil icon near the bottom of the original topic. It should bring up an Edit area. At the top where it has a small brown rectangle and says general. Tap and scroll down to #thirdparty.

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Do you exit infinite flight at all even for a few seconds?

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By that he means to put into the background.

I may have but can’t even get Foreflight to show IF in the Devices tab now. Does it have to be manually reconnected every time you open IF?

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I mean does he hit the home button do something and comes back to the flight

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Number 1 cause. Make sure that LiveFlight Connect is checked in you settings in IF.

What devices do you use?

Dude I’m not talking about FlightConnect!

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Not the case. There is a separate setting for that

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You don’t need to know the device since LiveFlight is LiveFlight and IF is IF. It doesn’t vary from device to device.

iPad Pro for IF and regular iPad for Foreflight.

They are both on the same WiFi?

I would prefer not to be called “dude”.

Sir, I’m mot talking about LiveConnect!

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Yes Tyler same WiFi.