Foreflight connection dropout

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Foreflight links correctly to IF when on the same network but the link seems to drop often. My flight bread crum traces looks like spaghettis because of the drop outs.

Beside feeding the GPS data to Foreflight, is it possible to push or snychronize the Foreflight FPL into IF ?

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The app was updated and the new working version is on the website. Therefore the old version needs to be uninstalled from the computer and the new one installed.

But this doesn’t look related to Liveflight Connect on a PC.

ForeFlight is completely different from LFC. ForeFlight is a subscription-based app that can connect directly to IF from another tablet.

I personally don’t have ForeFlight, so I cannot provide support. So I hope someone who has it can provide assistance.

Looks like I read it wrong.

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I have Foreflight V12.1 (50222) installed on a Ipad mini4 and Infinite Flight 19.4.7287.42708 on an ipadPro1 with foreflight link enabled running on the same WIFI network.

Once completed, my flight was visible in the Foreflight Log book but it had little resemblance with the real track flown from LSGG to LFBU du to the dropouts.

The WIFI connection may be congested. I will try using a dedicated WIFI net.

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  1. I understand that IF works also with the Simionic PFD & MFD app. Has somebody tried this combination?
  2. Is it possible to push the FPL generated using the Simionic MFD into IF?
  3. Most IFR fix and VFR reporting points are missing in the IF European sky map. Can these points be added?

I know the issue you are having. Do you keep ForeFlight open the entire flight? Meaning you never exit the app.

Foreflight remains open for the entire flight. The GPS tracking at the bottom of the Forflight screen goes blank a few seconds then it reconnects with the IF sim. In the meantime the airplane position vanish somwhere on the planet leaving a spaghetti green trace as shown in the picture.

Are you exiting Infinite Flight at all? So both the Infinite Flight device and ForeFlight device are both on the entire flight?

This time I connected my IF running on an IpadPro 1, Foreflight running on an Ipad mini5 and simionic Garmin 1000 PFD running on an Ipad mini4.

A dedicated 2Ghz WIFI Access point link these 3 devices. This should provide all the necessary Bandwidth to link the 3 devices.

  1. I managed to get a clean forflight trace if the Simionic PFD is not running.

  2. I can also use the Simionic G1000 PFD independently to fly the IF airplane using the PFD auto pilot and the FLP that I manually dialed into the PFD.

  3. But if both program are running simultaneously, Foreflight tracking data drops out leaving a spaghetti trace while the Simionic PFD freeze after a couple of minutes.

What looks like a great combination is just not working due to poor testing from the respective developers…

Foreflight trace IF_PFD_Foreflight


Foreflight runs fine with IF providing the IOS location services is OFF

ForeFlight: Apple Settings > Privacy > Location Services > ForeFlight: Never.

The Simionic PFD/MFD link to IF is unfortunately unreliable as far as I can tell. The PFD will not reflect the Aircraft course for more that a few seconds.

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