ForeFlight and Infinite Flight

Hello community

Who uses foreflight and to be more precise this application is compatible when you have a samsung S8 + and what kind of Ipad to buy

Can we install it on a computer?

my second question is is there another application compatible with a computer and a Samsung mobile

Thank you for your answers

Bonjour la communaute

Qui utilise foreflight et pour être plus precis cette application est elle compatible quand on a un samsung S8+ et quel genre d’Ipad acheter

Peut on l’installer sur un ordinateur ?

ma deuxième question est existe t-il une autre application compatible avec un ordinateur et un mobile Samsung

merci pour vos réponses

I believe Foreflight is only compatible on IOS sadly.

I think on a computer it creates a flight llam which you can copy onto your device, but it’s easier to use

Je crois que Foreflight n’est malheureusement compatible que sur IOS.

Je pense que sur un ordinateur, cela crée un vol llam que vous pouvez copier sur votre appareil, mais il est plus facile d’utiliser

so it only works for Iphones? and nothing for Android so for a samqunf?

I don’t believe so, no. I’m Android and can’t use it.

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Just checked on the Play Store. ForeFlight is definitely an Apple only app.

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This is what I thought this is the reason why I asked myself the question before committing myself above all, especially financially because it is not given this story

What are the benefits of using it? Also €330 a year for the top subscription? Are you mad?

Ive seen the app and there are definitely perks but no way am i goint to pay extra i already have IF assistant and all add ons were relatively overpriced.

I personally find SIDS and STARS on my own and then integrate them into my flight plans (which is what i believe is the sole purpose for this app).

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