ForeFlight and Infinite Flight

Does anyone know how to use foreflight with infinite flight. and can you use a Mac with it?

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I think you need active Foreflight Subscription which is not cheap.

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Yea it’s way to expensive! Pricings range from $70-$150. I recommend just saving the money, and buying a year subscription of Live.



It’s easy to use, impressive flight bag that’s why it cost lot of money.

Step 1: Enable Foreflight link in infinite flight
2: Goto preferred airport in IF Live
3: Open ForeFlight in other device ex.iPad has to be in same network
Click More tab and devices. You will see Infinite Flight, choose enabled,
This step is just to activate. It’s very easy to plan and look at the chart, not like G1000 which knob to turn


It’s KLAX, there is more then 10 different view. It’s very accurate, it only gets wrong by a meter

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I just started using foreflight for real flying (real life) and I gotta say, being able to practice using it on IF does wonders!

Can u help me with the flight plan setup.

It’s very simple, just press and choose anywhere on the map anything or you can type VOR/Waypoint in the box. That’s it. And just pick your Sid/Stars on the procedure menu when you got assigned runway for take-off/landing. There’s much more to do for flight plan but if you wanna hop along, this is fine.

The ForeFlight package is very comprehensive and realistic so some would say that it’s worth $70. The price does seem a bit outrageous to me but to someone willing to reach the realism ForeFlight offers, it’s worth it.

I’m fine with IF without the bells and whistles ForeFlight offers.

Best, Boeing707

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Yeah, but if you’re not using fore flight for anything else other than IF not really worth it… imo

@Boeing707 😄😄😄 The real Flight Bag alone use to cost fortune with out any material. Now I see pilot don’t even carry IPad, it’s all build-in and company give them back-up

I can agree. The price is over the top. I have done a full flight with auto pilot only. (takeoff to landing) It involves a lot of tweaking but is pretty cool when you get it right.

@Boeing707 @Danny If the controller at the advance server able to assign you Sid/Star not just vector then it’s worth buying

I’ve nailed a few full flights with a/p only so I think I won’t need foreflight anymore. Plus with a/p my landings are more on the dot.

FYI… Had ForeFlight for a year prior to the introduction of Live and the interconnection. FF is a marvel and ideal for a ticketed aviator but expensive and a 2 computer/pad proposition if linked. Over time I found with the exception of flight following all the data like plates, diagrams and airport minutia in FF are available free. Try the “Flight Plan” or Air Nav App’s. (On the Web: or

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Yeah. I think we all use it because we actually fly. But people who just fly IF know it’s not worth buying lol

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Should I pay to fly with ForeFlight ?

IMO only if you are a real world pilot. ForeFlight is expensive and considering the benefit you get, a fair amount can already be done with things like Liveflight.