Forecast Bar (Background Images uploaded)

Hello Pilots!

This is a different kind of topic. Some of you may or may not be interested but figured it was worth sharing. On Mac OS, iOS devices there is this app called Forecast Bar. Its a weather app that will provide you accurate weather down to the hour as well as a 7 day forecast.

The unique and cool thing about this app is that you can customize the back ground image. Most of these images are your stock green, orange, red photos. The company also accepts custom photos from customers, like you and I. I sent in 21 photos of Infinite Flight about an hour ago, followed their process to a T, and now the photos that I submitted are official. They have been accepted by Forecast Bar and are now available to you to use as a back ground image on the weather app (indicated within the red box and red arrow)

All images are from global. 787s, 777s, 737s, TBM photos take from today and yesterday, and a cockpit photo. I felt like 21 images would be plenty so you would have a nice collage without having to see the same one multiple times so soon.

Forecast bar is on MacOS and iOS. Both of which require a subscription. I don’t recall if the base app required a fee download, but it might be worth checking out.

if you already have Forecast Bar, head over to the “appearance” tab and look for the row that says “Background Images” Click on that and scroll to the image of the TBM. That is set as the cover photo for my album and that cover photo will not change. The album is labeled as “Aviation”.



Here you will see that the Jetstar 787 belly is featured. This is available to anyone who has this app on their Mac or iOS device.

Don’t download the cats album. Mine is better. 😜

Mattbook pro…

Thanks for this man!


Just downloaded it on my phone and using the “aviation” background. Very nice indeed!

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Just downloaded this on my phone and my laptop. Amazing wallpapers DeerCrusher and nice find!

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