Fore Flight

I want to get Fore Flight to use with IF but don’t know what package to get or what package you all use.

In all honesty, if you are planing to use ForeFlight for the sole purpose of Infinite Flight, I wouldn’t. It costs too much for little benefit, in my eyes.

However, if you are set on purchasing it, opt for the Basic Plus plan as it provides more than enough features for a simulator.

For further information on pricing, check this out.

Have a good one!

4 Likes should be enough for IFR, then of course you have for VFR in the US and for a big chunk of Europe.

However if you can afford it and plan on doing a flight school in the near future Go for it!

I have ForeFlight and love it. It’s by far the best EFB out there and I use it on every flight… That being said I agree with the above statements. It can be a little costly just for IF. My subscription is $600 per year just for ForeFlight then we have the Jeppesen charts added to it. I’d do some research on other less expensive options first.

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Thanks for all the help!


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