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Working just fine with the TBM

Yup I did that. Didn’t work. Don’t know why. Does it have to be on an iPad?

I don’t know, but would assume so considering ForeFlight is only available for iPads/iPhones.

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I know, I used fore flight on my phone.

good luck getting it going.

@schyllberg you know the move

IF probably needs to be on an iOS device as well.

What devices are you trying to use to connect it with?

Device type

iOS version on the devices

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I Phone X using ForeFlight, I pad Pro 10.5 using Infinite Flight. iOS 12.0 on both!

Well ForeFlight hasn’t completed compatibility testing with iOS 12 so that could very well be your issue.

im iOS 12 on all 3 devices, no issues. Use in the plane just fine with my GPS unit as well


Welp. That’s not good. Hopefully that’s the problem and it gets fixed. Thank you so much for your help! :)

Well, than it may not be the problem.

Tisk tisk @THE-OP

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In that case I’d say try it on a different network. I used to have a network that absolutely would not allow the connection. Laura spent a month trying to figure it out. Any other network worked perfectly fine.

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I know Brandon mentioned the iOS update issue, may be due to you having one of these models?

I have a new I phone X, and I pad pro 10.5. But it worked.

Finally after tons of trying it randomly worked. Maybe it was the update.

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