Fore Flight Link

Hi! I just got the fore Flight app and added fore Flight link to my I pad, it hasn’t connected. I am using 2 devices. Do you have to do something? I don’t have a subscription to ForeFlight


Make sure you turn on ForeFlight Connect in Infinite Flight’s settings.

With regards to needing a ForeFlight subscription, I have a feeling you do need one but I’m not 100% sure. Can anyone confirm?

I have already done that.

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Ok good just checking.

Then it might be due to the fact you don’t have a ForeFlight subscription. @schyllberg can you confirm this?

Also this should be in #support

No it shouldn’t, it’s not an issue with IF.

I believe preflight requires a subscription which is actually really expensive.

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ForeFlight have a trial period of 30-days or something, so I’m assuming the subscription part is not relevant in this case.

Have you connected ForeFlight by going to “More…” > “Devices”?

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I’ve checked the check mark. In settings?

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That’s what I thought.


In ForeFlight. Not in Infinite Flight.

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Ohh, no. I’ll try

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Foreflights FAQ on the support page specifically mentions how to connect to Infinite Flight.


I don’t see devices

this is not an IF issue, go to the FOREFLIGHT support pages, i gave you a link above

Can’t find infinite flight

And it’s checked

@schyllberg can’t find it. Even when it’s checked and Infinite Flight is running.

Have you started a flight? Until you start a flight and give ForeFlight a “plane” it won’t show up

I was in the TBM.

Yes. I did. It didn’t say anything.

I just logged into a spare ipad, logged into ForeFlight.


Go to “More” in the bottom right. ^^^^

Start IF and ENSURE “Enable ForeFlight Link” (Settings, General, Scroll Down, Check Box)


As you can see, with only the main screen, ForeFlight, picture above, does not see IF yet.

As soon as I hit “Fly” and it begins to load,

ForeFlight now shows it as a connected device.

Both devices MUST be connected to the SAME wifi connection.

If this does not work, you have an issue on your end.

Again, this is not an issue with Infinite Flight. ForeFlight and Infinite Flight are two separate companies that “allow” each other to connect. This is not a support issue for either company. Since the issue is with ForeFlight and you continue to have issues, see the link I have already posted above.