Fore Flight in 2018

I never used fore flight before an I was wondering for a couple of things.
First, how does IF and FF connect?
Second, do you have to purchase anything from FF?

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fore flight is a realworld app. i use it for my training it provides all pilot and charts and weather and frequencys. though you get a afree trial you need to purchase a plan.

ForeFlight is a separate app (web and iOS) that allows you to plan more realistic flights. It is not cheap.

There are other cheaper options such as SimBrief if you are looking for basic plans. ForeFlight is usually for more serious flyers and/or real pilots.

There is a way to connect it I believe but will let someone who knows what they are talking about reply with that.


if i am going to be honest i do not know how they both connect, and im not going to guess. ill leave it up to others to explain. hope you got the answer you wanted. Look above^^^^^^^^

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As Chris said, the yearly price for ForeFlight probably makes it prohibitively expensive to use just for a sim.


ForeFlight allows for the use of Bluetooth GPS receivers external to the device itself, and thus allows you to link those receivers to the device via Bluetooth and then select it in ForeFlight as the GPS provider.

You would do the same with IF, except instead of a GPS receiver, you hook a second device running IF to the device running ForeFlight via Bluetooth. That device will then provide the GPS for ForeFlight, and if IF is running and the link enabled, it will use the position of your plane in IF as your position in ForeFlight on the second device.


i have a couple of questions and i dont want to clutter this up can i DM you? @Tim_B

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Yes you may send me any questions


I have ForeFlight and I do not use bluetooth. I run it on a separate device from IF. As long as IF and ForeFlight are on the same network and you’ve enabled ForeFlight in the IF settings it should work. As mentioned it tracks your position and other aircraft within a certain distance.


I concur. My ForeFlight is connected on Wifi.

One tip: do not exit the IF app for any reason once you start your flight. I’ve found that ForeFlight will not connect again unless you start the flight over.

Just going to throw this out there. ForeFlight is a poor investment if you are just using it for Flight Simming. The thought of paying $99.99-$299.99 just for an annual subscription is definitely not worth it as you won’t be able to utilize most of the features that you’re actually paying for. Why? Because it’s intended for real world flying.

On the other hand, I highly highly encourage you to purchase ForeFlight if you are a student pilot in training or, another stage of your flight training, or a pilot leisurely flying around in a real aircraft. Its extremely beneficial to real world flying and offers all sorts of information to make your flying experience all that more special.

If you have ForeFlight already and you use it regularly as part of your EFB, great! Use it!


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