Fore flight dropping out

I have fore flight I connected it like it says in the tutorials it connects for about 5 seconds and then reverts back to my actual location. Then it will come back for 5 seconds about 10 minutes later. Do I need to disable location services while using it on IF?

I have no idea

@DIsraelFDS might know something !!

Then why comment

What comment ?

If you don’t know, then why post that you don’t know?

To be honest, I don’t know

Why did you comment about my comment ?

Because we can eliminate the excess comments by explaining. Those that don’t know this will learn by example.


Your comment has puzzeled me

Are you two kidding me right now?


Did you try to disable location services?

Yes I did still the same thing it comes and goes it’s not consistent

Do you have infinite flight api disabled? Maybe those two don’t work together. Otherwise you could send a PM to carmalonso. He did the tutorial.

I haven’t tried disabling the API that is a thought. And I asked Cameron he doesn’t know.

Unfortunately fore flight support seems to be your only option. It could have so many reasons i.e network structure, router settings or software settings. It would be far too much to troubleshoot in this topic. I hope you will get it running soon. Have a nice holiday.


Haha thanks @MishaCamp

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