Force closing when descent into arrival airport

I was just doing a quick short cargo flight from Heathrow to Brussels and when I was 40 nautical miles out and descenting to 10,000 feet, IF just force closed. My connection was pretty good and it’s the first time it’s happened ever since global has been released.
My phone is Galaxy S6 with the latest updates

I would ignore it, that thing while uncommon is possible with any mobile app. If it continues to happen then I would suggest some things to prevent it. See how it goes.


Did it give you an “Infinite Flight has stopped responding” or did it just die and go to the home screen with no popup.

(Edit since SOMEBODY closed it)
If it did quit without any messages than 9/10 times it is the OS killing it. Most likely due to memory issues. I had a flight today that did that while testing. For the longer flights try lowering graphics settings and/or make sure limit frame rate is on. Also don’t multitask on the device.

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We can’t do much about what happened.
Please get back to us if the issue is reproducable, as in it crashes if you tap that while doing that and so forth. One single app crash is not much to work with.