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Hi Team,

After the latest update, IF force closes very frequently. Is this a known Bug, or an S/w issue. Also any workaround for this.
This was not the case before the update.

I am using Samsung S7.


I have experienced IF crashing recently, and yes only after the latest update. What might help to fix is force restarting your phone (if that is possible on Samsung/Android. I’m an Apple user)

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Hey. With issues like this it is always worth restarting your device (and the app), making sure all other applications working in the background have been shut down, and perhaps also re-installing Infinite Flight if the issue persists.

If this happens on live, it might also be worth lowering your graphics settings, especially “Airplane Count.”

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If it’s a start up force close or accompanied by a message saying “Infinite aflight has stopped” it would be an easy fix. Go into your device language settings and find the text to speech option. Make sure Google is enabled as the preferred TTS engine.

If it’s just a random crash during a flight, then it’s low system resources. Lower the Show Airplane Count Live to no higher than medium, or lower if necessary. Make sure to connect using wifi, close all background apps and restart device power whenever you can to help keep the device fresh.


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