For whom are you thankful in the Community?

We’re happy to do it! Trust me I would have left a long time ago if I didn’t like it! 😂


@NoaNoaK @Robertine @MrMrMan Deercrusher MishaCamp Levet @SimpleWaffles @Othman_Asli @Artem_F are all people who have been nice during my first year here😁

We can’t forget Laura😉


thanks to you @Latvia


Well, currently, I’m not in a VA or anything so I’m just thankful for all these people in general! You guys have made me feel so welcome and so loved in this community!

Side note- I bet a couple of y’all might be like “who is this guy? And why is he tagging me?” We might not know each other that well, but you sure have made an impact on me in the IFC!

@NorAviator97 and @AslanK -I’m so thankful for you guys! You were the one who helped me start my love for photography and editing. Thank you for teaching me so many things about it and overall expanding my love for IF and IFC!

@Cbro4 - thank you for trying to conquer the Trench with me! That was the one of the most fun times I’ve had on IF in a while😂

@Captain_JR, @Balloonchaser, @Mavic, @JT_Playz, @Pilot_urp, @Dylan_M, @MrMrMan, @Luke_Sta, @Trio, @Dan_77, @Gabe_Z, @Evan, @SimpleWaffles, @Daniel14, @KPIT - I don’t know you guys super well, but you’ve been really welcoming to me in this community! Thank you guys for continuously supporting me through whatever I do and thank you for furthering my love for this community! I’m so thankful for you guys!

@DeerCrusher (I’m sorry I tagged you) - thank you for being such an awesome moderator and being a helping hand whenever I need one! Your awesome!

And thank you to EVERYONE for honestly, Changing My Life! I’m so thankful for every single one of you. And I can’t wait to make more and more friendships in 2019!


I am thankful for a lot of people, mostly @Starley for basically teaching me everything and answering all my questions, I’m thankful for everyone in the Blu Games crew but I can’t be bothered to mention them lol, I’m thankful for @Matt for being and amazing BAVA CEO, I’m thankful for all the Devs for the amazing updated they have given us and I’m thankful for everyone who has answered my stupid questions and joined me on flights and I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year


Gonna try this again cos i missed a fair few people in the first one.

IFAF - My First VA
Although i believed it has closed now IFAF in my opinion was one of the best of all time. I have to thank @Mags885 for giving me all thel essons and opportunities he gave me, “The Firefighter”, sorry i forgot your name but you were a great helpto me all the time, all the staff at IFAF throughout my time there for helping me so much and all the members for making me feel so welcome. I am very sad to see-it not here anymore.

I would first like to thank @BlueFlame0351 for helping me from day zero, correcting me where i went wrong, and just being amazing, and funny. I don’t know where i’d be without him. Then you have @Goran12 for throwing event ideas at me twice daily, always joining conversation late and being confused and joining, we won’t go into detail on how that happened. Also on a serious note for being a real help, running a VA ain’t easy. Then you have @2003iggy for everything. I don’t think he sleeps or has a life (except SWR) but he has been an amazing help with the VA and more, best of luck in your new adventure. Then we have @Connor and @morgan99 for being great helps in differents ways. @WestJet737767 for being @WestJet737767, @anon11948201 for being a great long standing member, @gamingmad101 (no IFC account) for making everybody laugh. @Pandu_Margi for coming into the VA recently and putting his all into it. Great example for others. @Beast_Assassin, another long standing member. @ chris as well. Then @IceBlue and the VARB for putting up with me and helping me pass.

Thankyou to everybody at this great VO for all the opportunities i got. But mainly to @Nils_Gravelsins, Oscar, @MaksimFerguson and other for teaching me, Brent @Darragh_ODonoghue, @joefish, @samueltherohtlaan for everything in iFATS and elsewhere even if we didn’t always get on the best and everybody else at IFATS.

Wow theres so many people so @Balloonchaser for Airalympics and for being him. Uuumh @moderators for making this community great. schyllberg for being my favourite mod (dunno where i got that idea from? The beard?). And the community for replying to everything and all my topics and for helping le so much oh and @Danman for tolerating me messing everything up. And whoever i have missed out because i am sure i have missed people out like the people of Porter during my short stay there. The people of NonStop for helping me with Team Germany and all the others. If i remember i’ll add you but if not i’ll probably feature you in my Autobiography coming never. I have better thing to do like travel the world (already planning it even though i schedule it for 2024), join the military and everything.

Happy Holidays and Thankyou,


Ps: If i missed you out then DM me. Even if it was a small encounter.


1 of Many: @A_Plane_Guy for everything he has done at IAV and elsewhere.


Thank you so much!


I’m thankful for Queen. They made very high quality music for my ears to enjoy everyday


I mean you are 100% correct but its who you are thankful in the community lol aha

Everyone and all my new fellow regulars!


I’m thankful for everyone, but at the top of my list are all the moderators and @anon93248082 for being so kind to me since I’ve been here.


Thanks for being on here and sharing with us!


I’m also very thankful for @anon79257371, thamk you so much!


I’m also grateful for @hi15td!


I’m thankful for @discobot ☺️

He’s always there for me 24/7


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


This had me crying oml

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I am thankful for @Balloonchaser for getting me started in this community

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pahaha it actually replied… well iishh

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@anon2063420 and @Omar_DeWindt
Nothing more needs to be added than Thank YOU!!