For whom are you thankful in the Community?

merry christmas to you too

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How dare you say such a thing 😡


It’s nice to see some tags in my notifications! Feel good!


Do I have to

Have to what. Expand please !

Being new to the IFC, I have to say it’s great and I am thankful for everyone.

However I do personally have to thank @Kamryn for letting me fly the world with him, and most of all, letting me join my first VA, and in a staff position of all things!

Thanks to all the Mods and Devs for making the another great year (I’m new to IFC not the game)

Happy Holidays and Safe Flights!

People that actually follow ATC instructions


Ugh fine I’ll do this later then…
so much work

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It’s optional.!

I’m also thankful for @RednoseHeavy.

Thanks to y’all Kiwis and Aussies! Also Seb, @DeerCrusher and Sam_K, who shall live on in memories.

Sorry Deer I feel bad for you with all those tags! 😅


I feel like it’s time for the staff to come here and say a few words

They don’t really…or do they 👀

I’ve been waiting off for a while to write this, but here I go I guess.

I think my first highlight of this year was getting back into Infinite Flight, I was getting bored with the other games on my phone, while on vacation in Florida in a CVS parking lot, I was going through my library to find something else to play, and then I came upon Infinite Flight. It was a game I had on my Kindle Fire, but this time, I decided to buy it on my new phone I had gotten. I think I bought it on my phone shortly after the release of Global, but I had no idea what Global was at the time, as I opened the game, I expected it to have the same region format and such, but as I downloaded the free planes and opened up the location selection, I saw a globe. I stood there for a second, dragging my fingers across the screen rotating the globe, wondering what is this, and where were the regions. Then as I zoomed in, I saw these green boxes around the places, and I noticed those where the regions, so I said to myself “Okay, then what is the point of the globe?” And I decided to zoom in around the location of my home, Minnesota, to see every single airport in my state that I could think of, I went around the rest of the globe and noticed all these other airports, and then it hit me, this was Infinite Flight now, I could go anywhere I wanted! I think the first thing I flew was the Air Baltic Q400, KPSP to KNUC.

But eventually, I started racking up XP, and then eventually got to grade 3, and I was finally able to fly on expert. I remembered how painful it was back in the region days to get on expert, and I was never able to, and so I did. Shortly after, I found the IFC forums, where my first post was about how to put airways into my FPL, which it turned out, you couldn’t do sadly. But from that day on, I came back to the IFC every single day. I haven’t missed a day yet, 200 and counting.

My next adventure was joining IFATC, and my recruiter was @JoshFly8 . It took him about a week to respond to my message, and eventually, he did. I passed my theory with 98% and then also passed my practical exam. My first expert controlling session was at LOWI, or as some of you may know it, Innsbruck. I had a lot of traffic that day, and @MarcusCKJ helped me out. He was the first approach controller I had worked with, and I think we did a pretty good job managing the traffic for the 7 hours that I had controlled.

Shortly after, I applied to join UPSVA, which was my first virtual airline. I’m not sure why I specifically chose UPSVA, but I’m very happy that I had chosen them. @Koby_Thomas welcomed me with open arms, and since then I have made many friends inside the group.

Next thing I knew, I had joined @Balloonchaser’s IFGAC. I had always wanted to fly general aviation with friends, but none of my friends have Infinite Flight. But now I had found a place, where I could enjoy general aviation, along with others who liked it just as much as me!

Flying around with general aviation in my home state, I noticed many airports in Minnesota were missing spawns and taxiways. I wondered how this could be fixed, so I dug around the IFC and found the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team. As I sent in my email requesting to join, I was imagining how I would get booted out in a week because of my inability to work with the applications that were required, but I stuck with it. The first airport I had redone was KLVN, my hometown general aviation field. There were very many mistakes, but @Ryan pushed me to work hard on it, he was stubborn, but to the point, and made everything clear to me. Without his help and our long convos in DMs on how to fix the airport, I probably would have given up, but I thank him for sticking with me.

Next, I had joined GAF. I always thought they were out of my reach in terms of skill and professionalism, but once I joined, I got used to it. @anon93248082 was the person who helped me join, and I’m very thankful for his efforts. I’m now a C130 pilot in the 71st Rescue Squadron, based at Moody AFB (KVAD) and you might see me flying this bird sometimes under the callsign KING8.

This year I have also gotten the opportunity to lead a team for the Infinite Flight Airalympics in 2019, Team Fiji. Thanks again to @Balloonchaser for helping me create and lead it. I’m currently recruiting members for the team so we can have enough to compete but I am confident that we will reach the mark.

I would also like to thank @Daniel_Cerritos for giving me some tips on making my first event, a fly-out at KDLH. He was very helpful in explaining how to market my event and how to format it nicely.

So that has pretty much been my year and my thanks in a wrap. Here is to many more 0 visibility landings, tropical flights, and F-22s in space.


I have so many people on the community I’m thankful for. Of course I’m thankful for the moderators for all the help they have given me and other community members. I’m thankful for @JoshFly8, @Trio and @Dillon_Lewis for helping me with ATC training. I’m also thankful for @PlaneCrazy and the entire Plane & Pilot team for giving me the best experience I have ever had in a VO. I have plenty of other members I’m thankful for, but these guys are my top people😀


I am grateful to everyone because everyone helps to make the infinite flight better for all of us is a joint work

Thankful for those who have taken time to hang with me this year.

Including but not limited to…

  • FS Expo folks I’m standing with as pictured by @LaroseRoyce above. Linda is the nicest person, ever, followed by @Doug_Hamilton and @Darius_Glover (tie for a very close 2nd)
  • @anon66442947 and coffee.
  • Tyler. (He gets tagged plenty…no need to add another tag to the list). Amazing how our schedules synced up.
  • Shaffer & Levet. (Same as above, no tag needed.) Especially nice to connect with another type 1 diabetic through IF. Levet - driving all the way down here for B-Dubs. Props. Thanks for showing me the light…iOS.
  • @JoshFly8 for giving me the opportunity to babysit in Vegas…Seriously though, couldn’t ask for a better person to room with at the Expo. Your passion for this sim is contagious. Thank you also for your teachings and for the in-person, no pressure radar test.
  • @dush19 - 'Merica, baby. Thanks for attempting to teach me airport editing. 1 airport was plenty for me.

Amazing how much I continue to learn about aviation on this forum on a daily basis…and for that, I am thankful.

Here’s to 2019.


Not Tommy Tutone? :p

No, thank you! Vegas was a wonderful experience and I think we all walked away with ideas on how we can make the next large-scale meetup more enjoyable in terms of scheduling and what we can do. Might even have to add OSH to the summer calender as a bonus too. ;)


Who am I greatful for?
@Darpan @Cpt.Sparryax @KPIT @Nono45_FR @Connor @Luke_Sta @Pilot_urp and so many more


Thank you :) It really touched me