For whom are you thankful in the Community?

This thread is so wholesome lmao


I spent some time thinking of a positive impact for the community and came up with this !


Definitely the team at IFCI:

@Connor, @rileymoyer, @KaiM, @Luke_M, @2003iggy, @Xpira, @BigBert10, @Plane-Train-TV and @Trevor_A

And not to mention the Air Canada VA team:

@natedog508, @The_Geniusman, @Xpira, @MaximV and @KaiM

  • everyone here in the IFC, but I can’t mention 50k people or this will carry onto 2019 😂

@Dylan_M, for being a great friend
@Michael_Czyz for showing me around Phoenix
@den.aviation for being on the same flight as me
Every Regular for being very funny in the van
And so many more!


Thankful for my SVA Crew @Transport_Hub @TwinsRock88 @NorAviator97

Thankful for all the amazing pilots in SVA

Thankful for @HiFlyer for helping me with my plane spotting


So, so, so many people;
@Connor, @Trevor_A, @Knellered, the rest of the guys at the VVG (sorry I can’t tag all 100 of you), everyone at the VARB (especially @DeerCrusher who should get a promotion to admin), @natedog508, @CR3W, @Xpira, everyone else at ACVA (all 150 of you), @markstury, @Sushruth and many more.


Oh man… y’all, I’ve got some tags to type.

To my wonderful friends in DLVA - you guys make DLVA a great place and I couldn’t be happier to be there with you.
@mwe2187, @Kyle.r24, @Michael_McMurray, @Hopperbolic, @GraceHopper, @Brandon_K, @CarlosFunes, @anon2063420, @Vari2ty, @Ethan_Chloe123, @anthonyphilemon, @ClarenceTheAvgeek, @AsternAviation, @Delta319, @BigBert10, @Transport_Hub, and so so many more. You guys make DLVA what it is and I absolutely love every day I spend there.

Now, let’s see… IFGAC! My favorite aviation club. ;)
@Balloonchaser, we wouldn’t be here without you! @HelloSkyMan, @AZA.DAL.610, @hi15td, @anon93248082, & @EthanT2, you guys make IFGAC so fun!

To my guys in SkyTeam -
@Omar_DeWindt & @HPNMatt, I’m looking forward to some great events!

@RTG113, thank you for being my Approach trainer. You’re definitely the best pilot around… ;)
@BluePanda900, thanks for picking me up after my trainers had to switch!
@AdamCallow, @Adam_Macaulay, @Adam_Williams… what would we do without the Adams? 😅
@Lars, I think you’ve literally controlled my approach frequency while I’m doing TGA more than anyone else. Thanks!
@tomthetank, thanks for showing me 4NY8 and for helping me out when I’ve got questions!
@anon66442947, just had to tag you too. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity. ;)
@Chris_Hoover, I’ll join you Officers one day! We’re in quite a few groups together. :)
A sincere thank you to @azeeuwnl, @Trio, and @JoshFly8 for helping me get into IFATC. I wouldn’t be here without you.

@Nathan, you’re a great guy and always very helpful. So for that, I thank you. ;)
@Major-Tom, you’re always very helpful too! Straight to the point as well, something I appreciate.
@Aceorbit, always fun having you around! How many groups are we both in? 😜
@brunocr98, such a fun guy to have around!
@dush19 - :dush:
@Moritz - still having fun vectoring Cam around the Alps? ;)
@OrangeJuice - Such a helpful reviewer! Can’t forget to snap my nodes…
(I would tag Ryan but I don’t know his tag…)

And to my fellow regulars…
@TheCoolPilot, @Joseph_Krol, @Luke_Sta, @SimpleWaffles, @Plane-Train-TV, @Mell_Ijzerman, @Darpan, @Connor, @Thomas, @Thomas_G, @CR3W, @DiamondGaming4, @Captain_JR, @PlaneCrazy, @Xpira, and to all of the others - what fun we do have in that Van! ;)

And last but most certainly not least, moderators and staff -
@DeerCrusher, a great, fun guy! Gotta love Colorado ;)
@schyllberg, let us never forget when I broke the sub system… oops…
@MishaCamp, for always putting together great FNFs and fun events!
@Chris_S, for so much more than just being a moderator… FPLtoIF!
@Levet, for just being a cool guy!
To Tyler - thanks for the ATC schedules!
To Val - Thanks for getting our airports out!
To Cam (and also Mish…) - thanks for all you do and for LiveFlight!
To Jason - Thank you for all of the news and community related aspects of Infinite Flight.
To Laura and Phillipe - thank you both for making this wonderful app for us to enjoy. None of us would be here without you.

If I didn’t tag you, don’t be sad! All of you mean everything to me and I love this community. You all make it what it is today.


(Was typing for the last 2 hours)


I don’t think I’ve ever typed for longer. Or typed that many tags 😳


I am most thankful for myself.

That is all.


I’m thankful that I have @CR3W to pick on when I’m bored. Someone tell him how to fly like a normal person. 😉


I feel so loved today lol <3


Im thankful for my long bright skin and handsome body❤❤

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And I’m thankful for the rest of y’all. Not gonna tag 50+ people because, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. My notifications box has been blowing up lately. lol. 😂 Stop being nice.


And I am thankful for DeerCrusher

I was ganna say and tag @DeerCrusher but he told me not to tag him on things so… 😡



I’m thankful for @DeerCrusher and @schyllberg for closing every topic im replying to at that same moment looooooooool


Don’t believe me? This was just in the last 5 hours. There’s even some that are more recent but couldn’t fit them on here. 😂


I got a huge kick out of this lol