For whom are you thankful in the Community?

For all of Norwegian Virtual’s amazing pilots: @Dylan_T @Vdennis1 @Tajay @Captain_Adri @Liam_Kirk @DL_FILM @Declan_O @JulianQ @Artem_F @Linox @DylanIE @Alexandre_Casa @Shanerob13 @JL727 @Anthonycolon51 @William_Chin @Harun_Koyuncu @Matteo_Neri @Rob_Shore @Brandon_Philpot @Lil_Qaz1 @CaptainDixon @Captain-Aunins @quinny @axeand @JackoLewis58 @Thiis04 @Ethan_Hansen and last but not least, @Azhal_Halil there are more, but I couldn’t find their IFC tag

I’m also thankful to @Chris_Hoover for not doing something to me for constantly making fun of the loads of cash he has (sorry for letting out the secret)

@VAnuj for “employing me” for quite some time

@GHamsz to go from ghosting me in November ‘18 to recruiting me into IFATC February ‘19

All the IFATC controllers, and especially @Ethan_Hansen for a great time controlling together!

There’s more, but I think I’ll be out of space soon 😬


Thanks boss! Has been a blast to control with ya! Hope to see ya become an officer soon! I became one with 1 week of training. Put your mind to it, watch the videos, and take all advice and put it to use!


Exactly :)

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Thank You for the kind words @Joseph007 @Dylan_M and @InfiniteNick!! I feel the same way about each and everyone of you guys.



That reminds me, I forgot to thank @jakcharvat! Thanks for being a great trainer! I’ve already learned so much, and we still have like three sessions to go. Sadly though, we’re 8 hours apart and scheduling isn’t the easiest

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Mainly thankful for @JamesQFA380 for partnering with me for this:

And also being very nice with me 😃

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Who am I thankful for?


I guess I have to do this now. In no particular order,

@Dylan_T for always annoying me and a semi good person.

@mkwiecek for always being online when I want to talk to someone and your great work in both NAXV and AAVA.

@VAnuj for always being a great person and good at decision making. Making him a great President.

@Chris_Hoover for always ranting about anything in the slack channels, for being my IFATC mentor and an overall great individual. I don’t know anyone who uses 😡 more than you. Maybe Tom but debatable.

@Dylan_Bright for always being that one guy that objects when everyone else agrees and great Deputy President. Also one of my IFATC mentors.

@ShadowOutlaw for being the best designer I’ve ever come across.

@CR3W for always being weird…

@Asneed8706 excellent individual and mentor.

@Evan_Westcott excellent individual and always being there when I need him.

@JoshFly8 for being my IFATC Recruiter.

@Flo_Rauslg for being my IFATC Radar Trainer.

@Bewilkins22 for always making people available for me in his squadron.

Everyone in GAF, IFATC, AAVA and NAXV.

Honorable Mentions: @Trio @Ryan_Vidad @Ryan_Poteet @Vdennis1 @Dylan_M @Ksisky @EthanT2 @Ethan_Hansen @MrMrMan @Declan_O @DiamondGaming4 @GHamsz @MJhendo @Jeffrey1o2 @mwe2187 @BluePanda900 @Piazza @Plane-Train-TV @chris_l @JulianQ @jakcharvat @Kirito_77

If your above that means you either played a major role in my progress in IFATC, something relating to City winning the league, helpfulness in GAF, AAVA or NAXV or something you did that I appreciate you for.

In truth, I’m thankful for each and everyone one of you that have played a part in my development socially and in aviation.


@AviationGaming hey thanks! :)

@Tajay I’ll never forget that one night at Elmendorf… 😉😂🤣

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You should probably get on planning that next event I haven’t said anything about or actually said we are doing

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Let’s also not forget the amazing night at YSCB. @Balloonchaser is probably remembering that very well, and I’d like to thank him for his patience at the time, but he probably enjoyed watching a couple Grade 4’s and 5’s crashing P-38s and Spits 😂

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@N492ED taught me everything I know, he has always been by my side no matter what!


Classy lol


I suppose I’ll feel bad for not doing one, so here goes 😉

Firstly there’s @Daniel14, who invited me to the original group that created Tailwinds Flying Club, and has been a great freind through my IFC Career. I wouldn’t be as involved as I am now if it weren’t for him!

@Miguel_Ortiz and @Ishan_S two fellow co-founders who are still around for TFC, and still awesome to talk too.

@KPIT for being an awesome dude and great at delivering productive content here on the forum

@Kate_Russell the most dedicated IF pilot I know, and fellow Texan

@Captain_JR for his long speeches and friendship

@Joseph007 who allowed me to control at his KIAH event, and is a great person to be around, always bringing positivity into the atmosphere.

@PlaneCrazy is someone who I’ve never seen pessimistic, or rude, and does an excellent job of running plane and pilot events!

@RotorGuy is probably my most favorite person on the forum. The content he posts is constant, relevant, and actually interesting. Truly a valuable part of the IFC!

@Joseph_Krol, previous TFC staff, created the first event I (tried) to attend, and ultimately brought me into TFC

@BigBert10 another awesome person to hand around, and likes attending my events

@DeerCrusher is a great moderator, and a great guy to hang around, and is so awesome he probably gets tired of being tagged!

@JoshFly8 for being my IFATC recruiter

@Brandon_Sandstrom for teaching me what not to do as a controller

@Tim_B for his well constructed and thought out arguments in heated topics, and for his excess of knowledge

Before I close, here are some honorable mentions:

@mkwiecek @MrMrMan @Ethan_Hansen @EthanT2 @BluePanda900 @MannyG @Levet @schyllberg @Gabe_Z @Plane-Train-TV @Chatta290

All of these are either a mod or IFATC

Thanks For All You Do Guys!


Thank you, @DiamondGaming4. :)


Why am I not on here, I’m the one that always tells jokes and hopes he doesn’t get suspended…I meeaann uhh The one who has fun and is very smart!

Brain: “good save”

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Thank you so much!


Merci Beaucoup! Glad to have you with us at Tailwinds, your more then just another staff member but a friend


Ok, this community has had a major impact on my life. It’s let me come out of my timid self online, meet some wonderful people, and have a more positive outlook on life. I want to thank everyone for that. Some specific people I really want to thank are

@Cpt.Sparryax - introducing me into the wonderful world of VAs and being an all around nice guy!

@Dylan_M - Dylan, you are an amazing friend to have on the IFC, every time you like my posts all of them I smile and have a good day because of them :)

@Connor - one of the funniest people I know and a very talented and kind person! I am so glad I met you on this forum, and in VAs. You also helped me do something very important, so I thank you :)

@modifiedFedExplane - One of the funniest people I know, and also someone who will listen to me talk on hours on end!and watching me flex constantly

@Darpan another person I’ve met over the IFC, and gave me a chance in a VA that I cannot take for granted.

Their are so many others, but Considering it’s 9:48 PM in a random time zone, inside a hotel starting into the sky, I can’t remember any of them. If my mind decides to work ever, I’ll defiantly add more. Thank you to everyone here!