For whom are you thankful in the Community?

Just subbed to your YouTube channel btw

Aw thanks @ran! It’s been exciting to see the VA come to life.

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Thank you! I appreciate you and all the flights and conversations we have had.

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Especially thankful for @thenewpilot. Even though we live in different countries, there are some things that we can really connect about.

Also thankful for @ran. He invited me into ANVA (All Nippon Virtual Group) as a staff member, and before I knew it, I was the Head of External Affairs and Photographer. Thank you so much for going out of your way to make Infinite Flight better.

Also, one final thanks for @AlphaSeven. He taught me some great methods for editing photos (not directly), and helped my shots look gradually better with his posts. Thank you.


I’m glad I was able to help you improve your photos, thanks for the mention!


Also, forgot to mention, but sometimes when I get home from school, I hop onto the Suggest Any Aircraft, We’ll Draw It [Volume 2] thread to see your amazing drawings. Keep up the great work!


@ran dont. make. me. cry.

Thank you!

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Glad we are able to bring some joy to you in that way 😊

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Well today’s my one year anniversary here on the IFC, thought I would express my gratitude to the great people here.

@GlobalFlyer1 A great friend, fellow stick, awesome guy. My first post on the IFC was signing up for his SFO flyout, asking for, the longest flight ofc. (originally Singapore, but I ended up switching to Delhi) Thanks for everything dude :)

@Armani_B My first real IFC friend. We’ve done a bunch of flight together- PHX-LAS, AUS-MCO, CGN-MEM, CGK-MED, KIX-SFO, and those are just off the top of my head. We quickly burned through like 13 PM limits (thats over 5,000 total messages btw) with all of our chatter over the summer. Unfortunately we haven’t flown recently, and talk only once a week or so, because well, school. Thanks for everything dude!

@snoman Fellow Austinite, super cool guy, CEO of events. He’s also been to some cool places.

@AlphaSeven Fellow Qatar fan (duh, he’s like the CEO of QR), super nice person, very informative, incredible artist.

@Ishrion My aviation news plug ;)

@Altaria55 Fellow Texan and very good spotter

@Joshua_Kincheloe @BadPlane Fellow austinites, also gr8 people :)

@Jake_Seitz Cool guy, his dad is a pilot, so super cool to talk to
Everyone in the Texas group chat (too many to tag)

@anon57683537 Fellow car and EDP enthusiast, also CEO of fancy posts

@ran Very nice guy, always planning or organizing some event or something

@Robertine Nice guy, also quite jealous of his spotting skills :)

@Luke_Sta Super nice guy, fellow Southwest nut, very helpful and kind :) (we’ve also been on the same WN 738)

@Skyler.Cooper Super friendly guy, fun to talk to, we had some Galapagos fun

@BigBert10 Very nice guy, passionate about KSJC, Southwest fan, we both flew on N8572X

@Prashant_Divedi (I believe he has the best ATC on all of the IFC :)

@anon38496261 A nice guy who’s fun to chat with :)

@DiamondGaming4 is a really cool guy, along with @Speedyyy and @AarkonTV, some Texans from our chat that I’ve gotten close with

@AndrewWu @Speedbird_286 and also @Moritz for always almost giving me a heart attack from excitement every time I see a new spotting topic from one of you :)

and @NoahM, Screenshot Lord, CEO of replay mode, attainer of likes, creator of very good pics, and, my newest friend.

Thank you IFC! I hope to stay a few more years here :)

sorry if i forgot u


Your my best friend on IFC to, happy IFC anniversary @Suhas_Jatla ! 😊

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Thanks so much :)

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It’s more of an obsession now lol

Also I’ve handed off the baton to @Ishrion for the #real-world-aviation posts


Oh wow, really appreciate that. Glad you like my work :)

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😊 thanks a lot Suhas! Happy birthday too

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Uh, IFC birthday, yes. Real birthday no. Also your welcome!


Thank you very much! Congrats on one year here!

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Your welcome :)

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Thanks alot!!!

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Okay I have a really long list, btw I was writing this at 5 in the morning.

@snoman- He is a really nice guy to talk to, I enjoy doing flights with him! He is also kind and respectful to me!

@Joseph_Spinner- Very nice guy to talk too, also provides ATC when I need it on Expert Server!

@Tsumia- Where to start…
He is probably the most funniest person on the IFC. Always up for a flight, And probably the best person who sends memes! He is also a very nice person to talk too.

@Ecoops123- Great person to talk to, he is always up for a flight. Also a great person to do Long Hauls with 😉! He is also a very kind and respectful guy!

@Captain_Merka- Great guy to talk to, led me into Global Airtours Virtual,
and he is always up for a flight!

@NathanD- A very great guy to talk too! He is very kind and respectful! Always up for a long haul!

@NYFLFlyer22- A very kind and respectful guy! Always up for a long haul! And is always up for a flight!

@Armani_B- He has helped me since I joined IFC in January! A very nice and kind friend! Always up for a flight with me!

@Butter_Boi- A very nice and kind guy! Possibly the best player in Guess the Airline and Aircraft! And, he is always up for a flight!

@anon38496261- He is a very nice and respectful person! Always up for a flight at any time! And a great guy to talk too!

@Robertine- He has helped me through the up’s and down’s. A very nice, kind, and respectful person to talk to! Always up for a flight!

@Alexandre- He is a very nice and kind person to talk too! Makes the best events for AFKLM virtual!

@Kamryn- Has helped me with ATC! Always up for a flight! He is a very nice and kind guy to talk too! And he is always up for a flight at any time!

@Thunderbolt- He is possibly running the best Virtual Airline for sure! Great guy to talk too! And he is kind and respectful to me! Always up for a flight!

@Carolina_Taylor- Where to start…

She is always here for me on my side! Through the up’s and down’s of life! She is my best friend on the IFC! A very kind and respectful lady! Always up for a flight!



@Chris_S- He is a very nice and kind mod! Has also got rid of my reports when I really need them to be gone! And probably the best Mod on the IFC! And a great guy to talk too!

@MishaCamp- Always a great guy to talk too! Picks the best Friday Night Flight’s, (Especially the one from last week). He is a very kind and respectful guy!


Wow that’s making my day 🙃😂

What you said is very meaningful and I hope to keep that up.

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