For whom are you thankful for in 2020?

Believe it or not, it’s already December 2020, and the year is already coming to an end. Time flies, doesn’t it? This year was a rather eventful year for the world, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting millions of people around the world. As such, most of us were forced to stay home, which brought many of us back to Infinite Flight, flying all around the world in the virtual world, organising events, controlling the skies of Infinite Flight and so much more and I’m sure this year, lots of you have made new friends in the community from all around the world. As such, I’m creating this topic where users can show their appreciation to people who have helped, supported, taught them, or for people to just simply, show their appreciation to a good friend that you’ve here on the community! Spread positivity, and not negativity!

P.S: Please do not use this thread for the sake of farming likes, but rather use it to genuinely show your appreciation for those in the community.

Happy flying, and let’s hope that 2021 will be better then ever :)


2020 has explained to me why the 1920’s after the 1918 Spanish flu were such a big deal

I’m grateful for a lot of people, I won’t list who as it will be quite a long list, but they know who they are 😊

Cheers to 2021 being better! 🥂


Grateful for @Declan_O for recruiting me and helping me into the IFATC! Same goes to @Drummer and Tyler S for the training to become a radar controller :)

@ran, @ZinZowe, @MJP_27, @Thunderbolt, and many more for being awesome friends!


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While 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone, I have done a lot of things. I rediscovered my love for Infinite Flight, joined the IFC, reached 250,000 XP, reached 800 flight hours, joined VORG, joined AFLV and did a lot of other things that have not been as important.

  1. @Rolls- When I joined VORG I was just looking for a group of friends. Well I found more than that. VORG has given me not only a friend group it has given em an experience I will never forget. Whenever I log onto the IFC there will be lots of messages from the group and I always am able to smile and laugh.
  2. On June 9th. 2020 I rejoined IF. I rejoined because I saw @Benito007 streaming one of their flights on YouTube. Ben Thank you for renewing my love in this sim and lettign me fly with you whenever. I really appreciate what you did for me.
  3. I found the IFC via the Infinite Flight app. I was trying to find out how to use VNAV and after I figured it out I saw the community tab at the top. I clicked on it and I found something amazing. The article that I was looking at is this article.
  4. The most game changing thing for me was joining @AeroflotVirtual. I want to thank @Adrian_K for allowing me to be a Management officer for this wonderful VA. AFLV has allowed me to get more friends, and show me what the best thing in Infinite Flight is. Since I joined I have made many friends and have found something that I love.

I hope everyone has a great end of 2020 and a great start to 2021.


Well 2020 was a horrible to hear due to COVID-19 in which we had to be six feet apart, have to wash our hands frequently and wear our mask to protect ourselves. So as we enter 2021 and this becomes post-pandemic, god will open its doors towards freedom where there will be no more masks, social distance and we will be back to normal happily ever after again. Also, due to pandemic, I had to take classes remotely for two semesters to avoid being exposed and I could not travel anywhere. So, I am thankful to what this year have done for me because once again, when this COVID ends, we will be entering normalcy


I’m thankful for so many people on the IFC. I joined in June of this year and never regretted a second of it. @nativetoalaska, @IF787, @MJP_27, @CaptainZac, @AviationFreak, @Rolls, @USA_ATC, @Butter_Boi, @ran, @Alec, you all are people I have enjoyed time talking and getting to know better. There are so many more people that I could name that made this year on the IFC that much better. If you were in a group PM with me at any point, you make the list as well. I truly have not encountered many bad souls at all during my time on the IFC.

I would also like to give a big thank you to @RTG113, my phenomenal IFATC recruiter and trainer who was able to put up with my limited knowledge of air traffic controlling and help me learn and grow as a controller. Even though unfortunately I had to stop training for a while, my newly gained knowledge of aviation that I got from you will stick with me for a long time, and hopefully in a couple months once I am able to resume training, I’ll be able to pass my practical test and move onto becoming IFATC!


A big thanks to @Adam_Williams for recruiting me and let me join the IFATC team ! An also big thanks to @Declan_O for having brought me to IFATC through many training sessions and amazing feedbacks ! Thanks to all who attended my training sessions and can’t wait to start my Radar training at the beginning of 2021 ! Merry Christmas all 😍


All those who refrain from using the term realism™


I thank people like @Captain-787 @Pilot_Felix @ItsBlitz @Zhopkins @MJP_27 @Declan_o @DeerCrusher @moderators @Alec @Canadian_Aviator @Butter_Boi @AviationFreak @Stellar_G @IF787 @American634 @bbrockairbus @Allegiant_Virtual @elal-virtual @SpiritVirtualAirline @UnitedVirtual and may more

And for my VA
@VA2 @Danman


I’m thankful for @Rhys_V for being an amazing staff member at Surf Air Virtual. @JarrettFlies for helping me get Surf Air’s first Codeshare started and finally, I’m thankful for @ToasterStroodie for dealing with my irrelevant Discord DMs at 5 am

Edit: Oh and I’m thankful for @Will_A for carrying me in warzone and being my Radar Recruiter


I’m thankful for so many people this year.

Firstly, @Saharsh. I’ve only been talking to him within the past two months but I will always love being on a voice call all day :), and for letting me be his Vice President for Surf Air Virtual.

I’m also thankful for @ToasterStroodie for training me to control radar (and letting me bother him all day),

Next @Grizpac @Aquila who have helped me start my IFATC journey back in August. Grizpac has been there when I’ve failed all my IFATC tests (and when I passed them), and Aquila made me master intersecting runways, will never forget that!

I’ve also made some great friends this year! Some of which are @SamC @Suhas @ShaneAviation @TheAviationGallery @Anthony_Morgan @JulietTango @DannyHL

Finally, I am thankful for all of IFATC, you have made my 2020 a wonderful year!


Da moddys and the devies.


I’ve had a lot of fantastic opportunities this year. I’m truly thankful to @JoshFly8 for inviting me to become an IFATC Trainer and being a huge mentor to me. I’m also incredibly thankful to the one and only @Tyler_Shelton for his constant help and also the fantastic opportunity to be both an IFATC Supervisor and Recruiter.

I’m also so glad to have made many friends this year: @Tajay, @Balloonchaser, @PlaneGeek, @ToasterStroodie, @Drummer, and @ShaneAviation. Thanks for all the fun memories!

Finally, to anyone I’ve had the pleasure of training. Thank you so much for your determination and desire to improve. Each and every one of you has been fantastic!


I am thankful for @Aviation2929 for welcoming me to the community and for being a awesome friend @BostonStrongWill for welcoming for not one but two VAs and also being a amazing friend


Awe!! Thank you!! You are a great friend too, and probably one of my favorite C130 pilots 😉. Happy holidays!

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I’m grateful for everyone in the community for sharing the same dream for Infinite Flight and aviation.

In addition I’m happy to know: @ECoops123 @Qantas094 @TheAviationGallery @ThomasR @Hymenopus_Coronatus. For being great friends in the Infinite flight community and beyond. Some other notable mentions @Cameron & @MishaCamp. Both very cool and friendliest souls on the land 😎

@Moritz thanks for the amazing #real-world-aviation:spotting topics.

PS. Keep those servers going Cam. Enjoy your Christmas 🎄

I’m certainly very thankful for many people for the sake of putting your eyes though all my people of who I am most thankful for this year I will just tag a few:

@ShaneAviation, Shane I’m very thankful for you. You have helped me from so much and I remember the day you convinced me to join IFATC that day in vALA. You took and held my hand though the entire process and I have watched you climb the ranks of IFATC from specialist to Supervisor, I can’t wait to see where you will end up next. Thank you for helping me get into IFATC and beyond your and amazing friend.

@JarrettFlies: Jarret, where to start haha. I remember the first day I joined vALA when you were just the VA director and I remember having loads of fun there. I was so sad when you announced your resignation from that position to start your own VA, I immediately jumped on board with the idea and became staff a short time after approval and I am truly amazed at how far you have brought CAVA. Thanks you, for all you have helped me though. Its always great flying with you!!!

@TaipeiGuru: Thank you so much Taipei for taking me on my radar journey and helping me train for IFATC and it really means a lot to me how much effort you put in for me and I’m really looking forward to controlling!

Also a huge thank you to other friends I have made though IFATC or one of the many VA’s I’m in. I’m sorry I can’t write about you maybe I will edit it after my fingers get better. but THANK YOU! @Devin_Stock @TheAviationGallery @yoshi_flyer @Joseph.Barnett @Saharsh @Pilot_Dave @SamC @ToasterStroodie @Ecoops123, All the Mods! Thank you for all you do, have done and will do for me!


im thankful for my sss gang

@KPIT @AndrewWu @den.aviation @Luke_Sta @GlobalFlyer1 @Altaria55 @Cameron_Stone @MJP_27 @Moritz @Wattsup_jet @Aceorbit and anyone else i missed


Everyone at VORG, @77W, @Butter_Boi, @Jacob_Layton and @ClassicAirlinerLover are mine