For Users Who Want To Reach TL2

With the influx of new users asking about TL2, I’m basically making this topic to pin the old “Why Have I Not Reached Trust Level (X)” again - as there’s been a recent influx of users asking about how to get to TL2. Until such time as the mods re-pin the attached topic, I hope this will suffice for users looking to get that coveted “Member” badge.

But in short, for users trying to meet the requirements for TL2, here’s a secret:

The requirements for the IFC trust levels are not the same as the Discourse trust levels.

It’s no use saying “I’ve completed all the requirements” because no one knows what the requirements are. The requirements are hidden to prevent TL farming. I’ll say again: the requirements are not the same as Discourse.

Side note: spam posting irrelevant and non-useful topics, especially the “What’s your favourite…” or “Why is this aircraft better than…” is not going to get you to TL2 faster. In fact, more than likely, it’s going to hold you back until such a time that you’ve proved that you are actually a useful, helpful, contributing member of this community and not a create-topic-button junkie. Prove that you deserve TL2. And you’ll get it in no time.

Another side note: if your sole purpose of getting TL2 is for open beta, then you’ve already lost the point. First of all - we don’t know the qualifications for open beta yet (EDIT: It seems like it’s not restricted by trust level, so there you go). Secondly, like I said, prove that you deserve TL2. The added privileges of TL2 such as creating feature requests, additional votes etc. are a happy side-benefit. None of them should be a “primary” purpose. The primary purpose is to be part of an amazing community that shares and carries an undying, burning passion for aviation, with the power to make the app that we all love an even better experience!

Finally, here’s the official topic about it - hopefully this will be pinned again soon!


Thank you for this! I cannot handle seeing 180000 topics on how to become a higher trust level.


Thank you aha I swear it never used to be this bad


I do feel it is a bit easy to get TL2 tho


This was needed - great topic…should be globally pinned so everyone will hopefully notice and read it ;)


Thank you for voicing it out! Already seen many TL farmers within these days 🤦‍♂️


It’s increased due to previous open betas having had TL requirements…and TL1 people are worried they won’t be able to access the 21.1 beta when the details aren’t even public yet 🤦🏼‍♂️


Ok yeah that’s good them

It would be an option for banning the new TL2ers from enjoying some perks? Let’s say TL2ers for more than 2 or 3 years can enjoy the entire TL2 perks.

From the bottom of my heart too…

Let’s not forget that we were all TL0 and TL1 at some point. How would you feel if someone suggested this at that time?

This topic was made to simply remind users of the rules that already exist on the forum, with the sudden wave of “How do I reach TL2” topics recently. Not in favour of banning/changing the existing rules.

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Exactly, this is what everyone should know 👍👍

I fully understand your stance, yet I’d rather point out the community is not a place for earning perks or other benefits, it’s just a nice place for avgeeks to share and exchange some chitchat… Ofc, also a news center of Infinite Flight…

Appreciate this. Now that I’m back active on the IFC, it’s getting in my nerves.

Agreed. And that’s part of it all :)

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Great job @CaptainSooraj , I am glad to see someone post it. We have seen many “How to get TL2” topic since 21.1 premiere sent out. Thanks for posting this 😊


Confidence level (member), what is the confidence level?

This is gonna be helpful for the millions of topics which have been asking this

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“Trust Levels” are a way of promotion on the forum to more and more responsible roles.

You can read about them in the topic linked above in the original post. :)

If you’re asking what your own trust level is - it’s TL2 (member)

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Thank you very much for the topic, I didn’t understand very well about it before, now you have clarified my doubts


Glad to help, always! :)

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