For those wanting to be a Southwest Pilot...

Just got all their wishes granted. As of 3 days ago SWA officially started a new program called Destination 225 degrees.

In short.

It’s a pathway to become a SWA pilot via many directions. Cadet, Military and University.

I know many of you are in middle school or highschool with dreams to fly for a phenomenal company like SWA. So here is your opportunity.

The following are some links to guide you in the right direction and as always I hope to see most, if not all of you in the nearest airport near you. 🛩️


Yes I saw this! Me and my dad checked this out!



Nice. Hopefully it all works out for you :) and you get to fly for LUV

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This is incredible! Do you know if there is a partnership with EAA?

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Just skimmed through the links and didn’t find anything on that partnership. Check out the first link. Maybe that will answer your question.

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Hmm… I’m don’t think they do.

How many of you all think that other US airlines might also start a similar program for themselves?

  • Yes
  • No

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Jet Blue has something kinda similar called JetBlue University. Other regional Airlines have a “flow”.

That’s all I can think off. Wouldn’t be surprised if others started with the looming “pilot shortage”

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If u chose to pursue it I wish u da best!

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I’ve always kinda wanted to fly for southwest, I’ve always loved being a passenger for them, and I love the 737. A bit of a bucket list aircraft shall we say. I almost wouldn’t be satisfied with my career if I never flew one.

Question for all the pilots out there is it weird/wrong to chose an airline because you want to fly a plane they operate? Assuming they also meet to some extent other things you would want in a company?

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In my previous job I commuted on SWA 15-18 days a months for almost 2 years. In the process jumpseated in the front over a 100 times and I can easily say one will have a blast as a crew member in SWA. Great pilot group. Easy to talk to and hold a conversation with.

And it’s not wierd at all. My top preferences for my top companies are all Boeing. 75/76 to be exact. That’s not to say I wouldn’t fly a bus, but it’s not the highest on my list.

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Im currently 14 years old living in Ireland and if it all works out in the next few years i will be a pilot for Aer lingus if things dont go to plan i might move to the US and maybe i will go for AA or Southwest.

I feel like I would go with a different airline. I know that southwest is a great airlines and I’d actually civil to their pilots when it comes to hours and all that, but they are an all narrowbodies fleet! You can’t fly any wide bodies when the day comes!

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