For those wanting an IFC app...

Guess what
It exists

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That is not an app per say. It is just a shortcut that can be added to the homescreen that will take you directly to the website.


It doesnt utilize a web browser

Who says its not exist

I think that’s only for Android.

Undortunately, yes

If it indeed is an app downloadable from the Play store, please post a link for other Android users.

Its not an app
Just keep going to the website on your phone and it will show up in your home screen

It’s in process.


@Bluepanda900 No it’s not only for android.

How do you get it?

Hit add to home screen when on the main page.

That’s just a link lol.

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Yeah but it saves to the homescreen and it doesn’t open in safari. (At least for me, I’m using iOS 10 beta version)

It does open in safari lol.

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Just wait until iOS 10 comes out then it won’t open in safari.

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iOS 10 - The Downgrade Continues


ihpone 7 with iOS 10 :D

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