For those of you confused about the Alaska Virtual situation

There has been people wondering why there are two Alaska VA’s. Now, before I go on, bias comments are unwanted. I’ve done some research and I’ll be listing what I’ve got below. So here it is.

The account of the owner of Alaska Air Virtual @tranquil_skyflyer was created on January 21, 2016.

The account of Alaska Virtual was created on March 26, 2016.

Alaska Air Virtual is released on May 27, 2016.

Alaska Virtual is released on June 12, 2016.

Alaska Air Website:

Alaska Virtual Website:

Alaska Air Main Thread

Alaska Virtual Main Thread

@PlanesForLife has made the suggestion of a merge. What do you think of this? (That is, if, both owners agree).

What the information shows is that Alaska Air was created before Alaska Virtual. In this case, Alaska Virtual may shut down. But we want to know what you think.

  • I think you Shut down Alaska Virtual
  • I think you should merge
  • I think Stay active and remain as two separate VA’s

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Thanks for reading and voting if you did. I am open to any other form of research/information I missed. Please keep I’m kind that when you vote for what what you think should take place, doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. The poll is simply to see what the community thinks of this. Thanks.
This poll will close in the next 24 hours.


It is not up to a public poll on whether 2 VAs want to merge. They should speak with each other to see if both are interested.


Your right, it isn’t up to the public. We want to know what you think.

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I’m really confused as of now

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People people there can be more than 2 of one VA!
Look at FSX Delta
It’s all about how you can make your va stand out.


What if you both want the CEO position?? Won’t there be a struggle for power?

That would be something to talk about if that option won the poll. And even if it did win the poll, it says “I think you should merge.” Its a suggestion, not a decision. Because the community thinks that xx would be best, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen. You have a good point though.

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I don’t see why this is public, just talk it out privately.

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Did you read the title? For those of you who are confused about the Alaska Virtual situation. and i stated after that people were asking about it. And an FYI, the CEO of Alaska Air and I have been talking about it aside from this.

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[WARNING: Own opinions found, if offended please move along]

@AlaskaVirtual even though @tranquil_skyflyer opened his first, I still must say a couple of things:

  1. Tranquil owns Air Canada too, its more sensible to own one. Two can be two risky to manage and can fail easily
  2. You have got everything organised in your thread, whereas Tranquil doesn’t have everything organised.

Tranquil should focus more on the Air Canada VA as Air Canada flies globally. And Transoceanic/Transpacific/Transatlantic etc. international flights need more attention.

I’m saying that Tranquil should get rid of his Alaska Virtual and leave you to it. I would like you to continue on with being CEO.



EDIT: May I also add on that your website is much more professional, as the first one isn’t. You have a more realistic fleet, whereas the other one doesn’t. And according to the first ones website, it has no routes. Yours does. I strongly say that YOU should remain open!!


Guys. It’s simple! Merge! You guys could still be CEOS.

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I co-own Air Canada.

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Just merge and keep the head settled

me as the head of media, i can talk
merging will cause problems, for example(chat"slack", system, the role people…etc)

Don’t you already have a Co-CEO

Wouldn’t you be Head of communications if you are talking about chat options.

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Yes, its @sk28 so aside from me, he has the most say.

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