For those doing ATC frequently

Do not trust too much pilots even ranked Grade 4 or 5 because most of them are kind and professional, but some of them aren’t as Grade 1 sadly. Like when I was tower, Grade 5 pilot just landed other end of the runway that is inactive and caused huge delay for inbound and departing aircrafts. Also, keep saying or instructing exit runway or any other message if required even it sounds like repeating because may be other pilots contribute by reporting them. So never give up! (don’t forget to report though)


I never take into account whether the pilot is of a high or a low grade. When I control, I’m in control and every pilot is equal.


if you got a Grade 5 who is disrupting the flow of traffic, landing opposite end of runway to where you have rest of traffic lining up etc then suggest that you report them (using the report button) and also take some screen shots so that you can discuss with them direct here or with our Chief Pilot Mark Denton?


As I control on PG, I usually just do it the heartless way — ignore the offending pilots throughout my controlling session since reporting isn’t possible


you can still report them…still need two other people to report them in order for them to be ghosted though…


Yeah, I would see like that, but if I do it. For example request immediate takeoff, but aircraft stops on the runway even the pilot was grade 4

Oh wow buddy believe me I know. I’ve had people with 1000000XP taxi through grass and many more astonishing things


When I see that moment for the first time, I just couldn’t believe that pilot is Grade 5.

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Yep it’s never a dull moment

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There are just times when Grade 4 and 5 pilots have to unleash their animals in them — going crazy! 😂

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