For the people are leaving this community

I have a big issue about the people left mystery and I want to change this. So, for the people that are leaving (or ask for suspension) from this community can you please leave a comment underneath to say goodbye or maybe the reasons(s). It’s simple and easy ; )

All I want is a goodbye from the people are leaving so that we know it : )

Thank you. Ryan : )


I agree with you, I think it’s necessary too know and it’s a bit interesting.

Personally, I have decided since the second October, to didn’t reply to any topic (except this one 😂) I’m going to check regularly all topics but I’m not going to reply to any of them. I think that it’s justified and I have my reasons…

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The devs and mods don’t like this at all.
They just want you to keep quiet and just leave.
Some people leave because of issues, which has a negative influence on the community and they can’t have that.
They probably don’t like me stating this either.


Don’t try to the smartie of forum, everyone have a point of view, mine just slightly different, I just want to know why the people that use to be active suddenly disappear and I just want to outline that, I can see why the people who flagged me but I don’t think there is wrong with my topic and everyone disagree with me, I just want to know why… and I still think there’s nothing wrong… I could be wrong thogh, so flag it if you want, this is just my point of view : (


Some people like to keep it personal. Some people may have troubles in their private life and don’t want others, especially on an online forum (where basically anyone can access this information), to know about it. It is entirely their decision to post about it or not.

i left this forum but came back to learn more about aviation.

but then again its a free world people can leave when they want and come back when they want. i dont think you should get involved. as some people have already said. it could any reason why they have left. and i hope its not because they have had a negative experience on this forum. but its actually up to them what they decide. one has a right to get invloved in anyone bussniess.

hope you understand sir.

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But a goodbye will do, I’ve said that, you guys are misunderstanding me… a goodbye will solve the mystery…


Don’t try to spoiler your entire Post.


Doesn’t follow meta guidelines.