For the nexts updates : Topics, reminder

As you maybe know, Its been 3 months since the last update, FDS have said that the next its coming.

So before its will released, i want to clarify one thing, for new users especially

###Please avoid to create topics looking like thoses :

  • When is the update?
  • I dont receive the update
  • When iOS update comes?
  • Global Flight in next update?
  • Can you make the 777LR free?

Maybe one topic can be created for discussing about the update, only for a specific thing

When the update will be released, Matt or Philippe will make a thread here (maybe finally got 200 likes ^^) to explain what is in the update. Feel free to discuss about the update in the annoucement topic

FDS are NOT responsible of the Apple Updates Review Time!

  • Why FDS dont release Android at the same time when iOS was validated?
    To avoid iOS users have to wait one more week for a bug (FDS needs to repush a new update request to the Apple Review Center).

Thanks for reading :)


On this thread? Sorry

No in the New update thread

FDS updates got me wanting to switch to androids

But seems like iOS is more stable for IF in technical aspects lol it’s like an investment


Also please note:

After the update is ready, Phillipe activates the push script. This script monitors the forum. Each post asking about the update adds one day to the release time. When finally it all calms down and the counter reaches zero with no one asking about the update, the release pushes.


you cant be serious?

So what’s the trigger keyword? Is it “update” or is it “when”, “update” and “?” 😂

That information cannot be revealed.


Well of course it can’t be… Otherwise people will type in NATO alphabets…

Whiskey Hotel Echo November? 😂

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When is the next update?

Are you for real? Lol

William Henry Edward Nora
Undetectable :)
Or rather wushWfirlsHfiepEdkworN

Is that even a thing LOL

The first one is, second one is just awful covering of a word


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