For the next update

Hy All,

I have an Idea, for the next future update, It was really Nice, if you release the Android uptade just when the ios uptade is available.

If you do this, we are going to have two good point :

  • No jealousy (Between IOS user’s and Android user’s)

  • not hundreds of complaints, especially from IOS user’s

And everyone will be happy!


No that doesn’t make sense.


I don’t get it. Release the updates at the same time? That depends on resources and availability

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Why ? I think yes…

Yeah I know, but when the update of IOS are available, immediatly the devs can put the Android uptade…

Because IOS need 1/2 week, and Android Only A few hours

There’s really no point in this… Not that it really affects the gameplay itself… Matt has the final say, nonetheless.

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I know, I never say I have the power. It’s just A suggestion…

Probably better phrasing? Immediately suggests right after or at the same time

Someone help me 😂

I was thinking the same thing.

I have noticed that iOS apps seem to be easier to develop as compared to Android somehow but honestly there’s really no point in my opinion to consider releasing the update on both platforms at the same time/right after the other…

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I’d really like the recording function in iOS, but that’s pretty much it for me. Releasing the app on both platforms at the same time would be good, but it would be hard and doesn’t matter too much. The devs probably do their best to incorporate most functions into both versions.


They have already said this is unlikely to happen. The devs use the android push as a sort of ‘test’ to check for any final issues that can be hot fixed.