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Welcome to Classic Airliners. Here you can post pictures, share stories/memories, and just enjoy our shared love for the good old classics from the early years of aviation, to the Golden Age of aviation, all the way to today.

What are your favorite classic airliners? What about them to you like?

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Before I change the category, this all applies to real life, correct?

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The Boeing 737-200/300 are my favorite of all time as I grew up with these from my birth in 1999 all the way through today.

image image


Oh yeah. Oops. Go ahead then.

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No worries, changed it once I saw the post :p

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Thanks. I guess I missed that. 🤣

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If this is one definitely the 757! Glad I got to fly on this bird a few times before retirement happens 😖


something about this beauty keeps catching my eye


Not gonna lie, kinda miss this livery and the old First Class:


But the new business class is definitely an improvement with higher quality PTVs


Same. I may have only flown on the 757 more than 5 times and less than ten, (most recently last year from KSJC to OGG) but it is a fantastic aircraft nonetheless.

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Flew on it KORD to KLAS. Gorgeous flight! The 757 cockpit is definitely a tad outdated when it’s compared to the newer aircraft

Actually, American still has one chrome 777-200. I saw it this year in Maui at one of the gates.

They don’t anymore. AA finished painting its 777-200ERs in I think 2016.

Long live Hooters Air. The airline began operations in 2003 and ceased operations in 2006.


Source: shutterstock


I don’t mind outdated. In fact I actually prefer older. Both inside and out. I’m very vocal about my displeasure of how uncomfortable most modern airliners are today from the paper thin slimline seats to the idea that in order to look modern and futuristic, EVERYTHING must be white.

I remember them. 🤣

Nope. I saw a chrome 777-200ER at Kahului International earlier this year. It was right next to the Alaska 737-900 I was in.

Well… not sure what you saw but American finished painting its entire mainline fleet in December 2017. They left one 737-800 with chrome as a heritage livery.

Various picture collections I felt fit here


What? I know I saw a One World chrome 777. Could it have been a 767? Forgive me I actually didn’t get a solid look at said aircraft.