For the Love of AVIATION e1: Flight Planning in the Early 60's (a video by Computer History Archives Project)

Hi guys, I just created For the Love of AVIATION here for the forum as an educative and entertaining share, whenever I found a rare gem, but this will be my first. As with treasure/gem hunting there will be no periodical time frame for this series. Also, dunno if this “serial theme” should be posted here in General so please just kindly re-direct me to the right corner.

Why I post this:
For some of us here, this video presentation could be used to appreciate and level up our Infinite Flight experiences, it was too good and I got mesmerized watching the whole thing from start to finish, prompting me to really really wanted to share this to the whole IFC community!

What’s it all about:
It is a vintage video posted by the Computer History Archives Project on youtube, showing how high-tech, detailed and immaculate flight planning procedure was just a couple years after the 50’s ended… only 60 years after the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk flight! The video is about pre-flight perfection.

Who this video is for:
If you love all the pre-calculation procedures and hassles you do before your Infinite Flight departures (particularly when you’re in a VA usually; using timers,, aiming to show off that perfect fuel consumption report, considers temp, baro and take-off charts seriously, I even created several print-outs for my own use!), if you love manual perfection and details to your Infinite Flight pre-flight procedures for that perfect no drama, smooth as silk straight on the center line take-off - then I’m sure you’re gonna love learning from this piece of history.

I never even knew that Precise Time to the Second for Vr is a thing!

So here goes, let’s start the time machine… Folks, never take (your easy peasy) modern flight planning for granted again after this show, get some snacks and enjoy the video!

Vintage American Airlines Film: Flight Planning Processes 1961-1963 (LAX, JFK International Airport)

Vintage American Airlines Film: Flight Planning Processes 1961-1963 (LAX, JFK International Airport) - YouTube


Great your video, I really loved it. Thank you for sharing, I have already sent it to all my work colleagues.

IRL I’m a flight dispatcher, and I can assure you things aren’t that different today. Especially in some circumstances, it is common to do a manual loadsheet. See you soon in the sky of infinite flight

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