For some reason when I get emails from here, it goes into the "promotions" filter in Gmail. Not sure why

Just thought I’d let you know


I don’t get any emails or notifications at all…

I’m having the same issue, and I’m also receiving a spam advert with each email notification, so each notification I get two emails, one warning me of a notification, and a second which is an advert.

I think I’ve managed to switch which label they come in under in Gmail, but further testing will prove it. Need some more replys.

Joe - click your user avatar at the top right and look under ‘preferences’.
Email notifications are controlled through there.

Figured out its Google spamming me due to the Promotions category.
Preferences have to be turned off via this Web page…

Also go into your device settings, find ‘accounts’ and turn off adds there too.

It’s only been an issue due to notifications going into ‘promotions’ category in Gmail. Don’t know if this can be changed under the forum controls.

Turns out the emails already work, but I only think it’s when someone replies to me. I don’t seem to get any advert emails either.

You can set various preferences. As you are set by default you will get notification when someone replys to you or if you choose to watch a thread you will get notifications. But it’s also possible under preferences to get notifications for all activity.

Ok, thanks.

It seems to be an issue with those forums. I am trying to find a solution so the emails go in the “forum” tab by default.

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