(For some reason, I received a violation)

Did I steer too hard?

You may of landed uneven (or both wheels not at the same time) and may have been a little rough on the rudder. It does look like you never received a violation, only a warning.



Yeh the warning was because you were going too fast on the taxiway after you vacated the runway (whilst spinning around)!

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Why does the plane spin?

Yeah you need to slow more before steering off the taxiway (about 20kts ground speed is ideal)

It looked like he was attempting to stay even with the center line, but used too much rudder for a uneven landing. Seems like he had no intent to exit the runway yet.


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You used too much of the rudder and one of your wheels touched the runway before the other one did


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Hmmm yeah that’s might be the case…
Either way - steering too aggressively at high speeds is what caused the spin. Don’t forget - if you’re off the centerline and it doesn’t look right going down, then 🎶you can always go around…🎶


Yes, I missed the midline when I landed. I tried to align. Then I turned the rudder to the right. Then the plane suddenly turned sharply to the right. I turned the rudder to the left again, which caused the plane to rotate.

You don’t understand what I mean. I mean when I landed, I found that I wasn’t aligned with the midline. I tried to correct the situation, but because the rudder was overused, the plane rotated

There seems to be a problem with your Chinese translation. The Chinese you translated does not mean the same thing as your English. My English level is still good enough to have a normal conversation with you.

Bit unrelated; Happy birthday to you!

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