For Realism Do Not Cross Double Yellow Line on Expert

When flying on the Expert Server, please do not cross the double yellow line while taxiing.
This is EHAM. There are no taxiway lines going to 36R. They used to be there, but they’ve been removed a very long time ago when the taxiway was closed. Only the old pavement remains.
Runway 36R, even when it’s green, is never being used to take off from.
To keep the realism as high as possible, which is probably why you fly on the Expert Server, please follow the rules, which also means not crossing a double yellow line and chose another runway to take off from.


How about drawing a x on the taxiway?

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The X’s are there but haven’t been made visible. Don’t know why yet.


At most airports they’re drawn as taxi lines with yellow

That’s great info, very helpful! but why is it not being used to take off from?

I don’t actually know.
Just that is not allowed as per government regulations, it seems.
It probably has to do with noise restrictions.
There are three parallel runways. 36L/18R is the most recent and most important one.


Well, pilots should know not to cross a double yellow line.
Controllers that want to keep realism as high as possible could always familiarize themselves with the airport before controlling there.


Like I stated, only when you want to be as realistic is possible, which I think should be a goal when on Expert.

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There is a reason I didn’t put this under #live:atc.
I see this happen a lot when only Unicom is available, so like the title states, it’s mainly aimed at pilots.

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Real life!



Grass suggests there used to be another exit that was removed.

See post number 6.

Runway 36L and 36C are used for take off.

So attention all ATC: please let the aircrafts take off from 36L or 36C.

But Some people thinks taxiïng to runway 36L is too far.

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Thanks for letting us Know.
Try to realise it in my flights!😉

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