For profit VA?

So when I’m checking out all these different VAs, a lot of them say they’re nonprofit. I always assumed all VAs in the IFC were nonprofit. I’m just wondering how a VA wouldn’t be nonprofit. Thanks!

You have to pay to join. Or pay a monthly membership. Don’t worry, that isn’t happening anytime soon (:

Well that just sucks, apart from having to pay a monthly subscription for the game itself.

There’s a reason they don’t exist ;)

I wonder if VAs do pay for their software and other stuff to run it and it’s handled by someone…

i cant speak for other VA’s… but we have an agreement with Delta and its a part of our agreement. A VA can not make money from the likeness of the parent airline or they’d like have some copyright issues…

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Whilst we do not have a membership fee we do pay for certain aspects of the VA e.g. the website but we try to keep costs to a minimum. All costs are paid for through voluntary donations by staff members.

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Interesting aspect to pay for a VA. If that should pop up at one point, it should be a damn good one


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