For people without live

I know I have IF live but to those who dont. I think they should be allowed to fly in between the region’s they currently have with live weather. There should be a minimum flight level they can fly at such as 15,000 ft. This will allow people without live to atleast taste a bit of the real world experience. In my opinion it is unfair for people to spend money to buy the game then get restricted to flying in small areas. This is why I’m putting out this feature request.

Ps: I don’t know if this should go in the features request but if it shouldn’t please do change it.


If I were you…

I’d brace for the hate.


Yes, this belongs in #features


I’m just trying to spread fairness. I think that’s nothing to hate at


You already can fly between regions. The three Europe regions you can just fly through. If you have real good gliding skills it is hypothetically possible to glide from NorCal to SoCal

Yh but it wouldn’t be as fun as actually flying there and have that satisfaction of completing a flight.

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Then buy global. Get the monthly package and when you realise how satisfied you are, you buy the cheaper yearly package


I’ve got a year’s worth of live. I’m vouching for the people who don’t

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Just a heads up. It’s a suggestion.

But did you know that you can currently fly from one region to another?

Take the London, Paris, and Amsterdam regions for example. If you fly to the very corner where the two regions meet, you’ll be able to jump to the next region. The developers designed it this way so that you guys are able to have a little more freedom instead of the box you spawned in.

The same holds true for the Oshkosh and Chicago regions. Just fly from one to the next and it’ll be no problem.

There aren’t any altitude limits that you’re restricted to as you’re suggesting.


I mean don’t you have to have bought London before so you can fly into the region?

You never suggested what would be shown on the ground inbetween regions in your request, as there would be no scenery to look at.

Nope. Regions can no longer be purchased like in the past “pre-global”. In other words, if you go fast and high enough in a fighter jet you could probably jump from San Fran. to Southern California region.


Ok, while this is cool FDS is a buisness, so while they are great loving people I don’t see this happening. Being restricted to 15K feet is too close to the full global feel, regions work well enough at showing the lovely scenery, and aircraft available. There would be a massive drop off in Pro subscriptions. A year ago regions were fine, I had some of the best times of my life in them, now they are some insufferable punishment for not paying? FDS has to keep the lights on somehow, and I think they have done it well, because for 4.99 you can get a darn good game, for 79.99 a year you can have Maby the best mobile game ever made, and I think that is fine…


Here is my opinion about this idea. I have seen soo many people on the apple store complain about this. Although I understand their point of view of wanting to feel more freedom when flying, but considering the amount they paid for they get probably the best deal out there! For the price of a Big Mac Combo (As I put it in my recent review of the game.) pilots are able to enjoy hours of flying! They are able to fly about 5-8 aircraft that fly extremely well! In my opinion with what people are paying, they are for sure getting their money’s worth and possibly even more!

Don’t take this as a hate but more of a reason why I feel this feature is not needed .

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As someone who doesn’t have Live/Pro, I’m clearing up a vote for this!

If you were to fly in between regions, then why even get Pro?

I’m gonna have to try that now.


Perhaps maybe you could fly in between the regions, but you would not be able to land at any of the airports that aren’t in the regions

I feel like it would be smart to include the whole world of scenery for free, and everything else money.

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