For our community Airbus fans

Here are some pics I took last week at KBFM of a couple of brand new A321s at the Airbus Final Assembly Facility here in Mobile, AL. The Delta A321 was delivered to the airline that day and flown to KMSP. You could almost catch the scent of that new plane smell! Many of you may have already seen these on my Instagram page but thought I’d share here as well! Enjoy!

Juicy Fruit 1







Just rolled out of that hanger




Thanks Mark,
It must have been painful for you to post this.
But I am an Airbus guy so thanks. These are great!


Absolutely beautiful shots, thanks for sharing Mark.

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Great pictures, Mark! Thank you! Really like the Delta livery. Should you ever have the opportunity to visit Germany, try to see the Airbus facility in Hamburg. Absolutely worth to see it!

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Really nice. Thank you for sharing.

LOL! More painful than you can imagine. Especially having to resize them all to be able to post. But, you’re welcome. :)


I’ll try to do a better job of posting more of my spotting pics here on the Forum. Every now and again I’ll catch some great ones here in Mobile.


Amazing photos Mark! Looking forward to seeing more!

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Awesome shots Mark. Would be cool to visit the next time im in the mobile area.

That 7th photo, one of the best I have ever seen 😍

Thanks guys! I can only take so many pics of the Airbus before I reach my tolerant level. LOL


At first I thought the helo was an Air Methods aircraft, but realized that you’re in Mobile, and the possibility of it being an oil rig transport was pretty high. Especially since it has floats on the skids. 😁

I think I saw that Delta A321


Awesome shots Mark, thanks for sharing! :)

Well well my temperature must be high for I think my delirious eyes see that Mark posted Airbus photos?
Haha though for reals, Mark, thank you! No Frontier photos but that’s alright. Simply nice seeing some Airbus! I look forward to future shots.

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Those fresh airbuses looking good. Nice one Mark…

I can’t wait for the A321Neo to enter service. Who is the launch customer?

All I know is that the launch customer is ILFC. Maybe the first airline to lease the a321neo from ILFC can be considered as launch customer…Wiki says ILFC…

Great shots, the edits you used made them even better, but not so great plane company ;) Thank you for taking the time to share them with us!
PS: Boeing all the way

These are some of the best photos I’ve seen in a really long time! Great photos, must have been an awesome experience:)