For OGs only

If Infinite Flight did note choose to change it’s app version numbers to make it start by the current year .something i.e
20.1;21.1;22.2 etc

What version of the app would we have today ?
Since version de 1.0

22.1, because it’s the first update in 2022

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I guess people dont read…

I think it would be somewhere in the hundreds… I dont know. Version 329?

Edit: im surprised(i honestly shouldn’t be though) by the amount of people who do not read the post completely before replying, and continue to assert the truth when it’s a completely hypothetical question… lol


The first version that is releasing this year is 22.1 because 2022 and then first update of the year.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of +80 updates if I were placing a bet to win the lottery

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