For more realism...Yoke for device

…it would be a good idea to have compatible IF logo designed yokes to put devices into so you can fly with a yoke with your mobile device. This will also boost your companies budget and have less struggle making and pushing updates.


Actually a decent idea. Would you prefer this over using the existing joystick support? I suppose it could be a cheap alternative to a third-party flight control setup.

I don’t know if it would be worth it though unless there is huge demand.

Or are you thinking an open source design where you can easily make your own?


I don’t want to replace joystick support but it was actually the WII Wheel from Nintendo that inspired me to come up with this. Some people might get tired of holding their phone or tablet the same way and getting those weird indents in their fingers, so you just fly the aircraft comfortably with the feeling of being inside the aircraft.


Build it I’ll buy it… No plastic crap though… Max Sends

(Great idea, would work with all the IPad Flight App’s I’ve flown to include IF competitors like Aerofly and many others.). (What I really also would like is a blue tooth/plug in streaming device like ROKU. IF on a big screen would make my day)

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Some kid runs into the closet. Gets Mariokart wheel and tape. Runs to get phone. Tapes phone to the wheel. Then turns on phone to play infinite flight. 🤔

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I think Max should fix this😉

Will you at least give your idea to the devs?

I mean that if you saw what I stated when I created this topic, the devs would have a budget boost to make IF more real for them and us.

for sure would buy a product that allowed me to use my ipad as an actual yoke for IF!

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That’s exactly what I do… a 737 yoke with an iPod Touch running IF clamped to the back. Turning and tilting the yoke gets me the ailerons and elevators and the touch screen controls are still used for AP, rudder, throttle, camera views, etc. I use Apple TV to mirror the screen to my 50" LG HGTV.

I’d post some pictures but can’t seem to figure out how to. Funny thing, I can fabricate a 737 yoke from scratch and engineer the thing but I don’t know how to post pics!

I got the idea from the WII wheel too.

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Post pics by pressing “upload” while u r typing. Get your pics from your photos all or iPhoto on your computer

I’ve tried that but when I hit the upload button and select the photos, they don’t attach. I don’t think I have enough seniority yet.

Let’s try this…



I like the idea, seems to me that if some of want to purse in being a pilot maybe play around with yokes if your a boeing fan or joystick if ya like airbus

This is a bit overkill. I get that you want realism, but come on. Do we reall need to stick our devices in a wooden yoke?

What’s wrong with just tilting your device?

I’ve been playing IF for a long time and I have gotten these bone indents in my fingers🤕

How about an IF logo designed yoke? GN😴

Actually, it’s made from birch plywood, PVC, epoxy and Krylon. A couple of switches too. Hey, it’s my hobby. I had fun making it.

Better than squinting at an iPhone screen!

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