FOR IOS 13 USERS (Experiencing no volume)

iOS 13 Beta (Only) on any iOS device is causing an issue with Infinite Flight to lose all sounds after an ATC message is transmitted. There is NO FIX to the issue as of now. Not even restarting, or reinstalling IF. You are stuck.

What to do if you want to go back to iOS 12.4:
It is not very simple to go back to a stable version of iOS like iOS 12.4. If you do wish to revert back to the stable iOS 12.4, you will need to have a back up of your device from when your device was running iOS 12.4 (if you don’t, just don’t even try. It won’t work, you might just lose everything). If you do have an iOS 12.4 back up, you will need to download the iOS 12.4 IPSW from a website, then go to iTunes and restore the device with that IPSW first (there are many tutorials out there to help you with that process). Once on iOS 12.4, restore your device with the iOS 12.4 back up.

If you are fine with the issue for now:
iOS 13 Beta 6 will be released in about a week or two and the issue might be fixed as I believe that the issue is related to the new 32 point volume instead of the old 16 point volume. The stable version of iOS 13 will be released alongside the new iPhone in September, so till then, deleting the beta profile will not help. Please make sure that in September, you delete the iOS Beta Profile to stop receiving further Beta firmwares in the future.

iOS 13 Beta 6 Update:
iOS 13 Beta 6 was released as a developers’ update and the issue remains.


I’m stuck and I really can’t wait for Beta 6 as I can’t stand the 32 point volume or the fact IF has no sound! 😫


I have a temporary solution. Plug ur phone into your computer, and use QuickTime to stream the audio through the computer

No one is willing to go through this hassle to get sound coming out of the sim. Hopefully, Apple takes care of this in the next Beta. 😕

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Got the same issue on my 5th gen iPad with iPadOS 13. I just came back to iOS 12.4 this evening.
Looking forward to see if the next beta will fix that or not 🤔

Just so that this is made clear, iOS 13 has not been public yet and therefore, its not compatible with Infinite Flight yet. iOS 13 is still in beta and should only be downloaded by app developers so that they can ensure their apps run smooth on this new software. Additionally, if you download iOS 13, download it on another device which you don’t mind running poorly and a device that doesn’t run Infinite Flight. Some folks have multiple iPads or iPhones where they can run iOS 13 on one iPad and run Infinite Flight with iOS 12.4 on another and be just fine. That’s my recommendation, but any issues you experience with Infinite Flight and iOS 13 will be likely fall on the shoulders of iOS 13.


By the way for iOS / iPadOS 13 users the volume works if I use headphones for some reason. Not sure why. I have only tested this on the iPad mini 5 so far. I will test it on my phone and see what happens

I’m lucky I have Samsung

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