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Hello my name is ASIF SOLANKI, I’m going to talk about what is the difference between grade. I’m playing in grade 4 but I didn’t get any new feature

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There is no new feature after grade 3. From there, you just get nothing…

Well why am I trying to get 100 landings for grade 4 then 😂😂

The only thing is your display name becomes green when grade 4 and when you are grade 5 it becomes a peachie pinkish colour.

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Grade 4, all you get is green callsign and airline/GA ID that only others can see or you can on replay mode. Like for grade 5 you only get a yellow/orange callsign and airline/GA ID.

You ain’t opening packs ;)

The grades are there mostly for showing off what user you are. You get different colors in Grade 4 and Grade 5, so then you get more notice when you fly, many community member even sit and watch what the name of that specific pilot is if they want to know who you are.
Many people think Grade 5 & 4 is better than Grade 3, so that is most of the reasoning.
But you also get some pressure on you when landing on a busy airport, and oh boy I’ve noticed it… once I landed without gear😂😂

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It’s a pride thing at grade 4 and 5 I’m only grade three but I’m always impressed by a higher grades.

Don’t be impressed too much. In IFATC, I’ve seen grade 3s be perfect and grade 5s utterly clueless. And the reverse.

You can be a grade 5 by doing something wrong a lot (people with millions of XP still ask to remain in pattern every takeoff). You can do everything flawlessly, but not have the time to maintain grade 5.

Pilots of all grades have varying degrees of consciousness and awareness. Grades are good for showing others you have a cool, colored tag. They’re not a great guide to skill, or much else.

(Note: To say there are poor grade 5s is not, again not, saying there are no good grade 5s. That is a converse error; a logical fallacy.)


Fifa 19 there

Hmmmm. I’m grade 3 but missing 3 landings to lift off of grade 2 but other than that. Peachy

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